Twitch streamer mind-blown after LeBron James gets on the mic in NBA2K

Twitch: adin2huncho/Wikimedia

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Adin ‘Adin2Huncho’ Ross was left in utter disbelief after speaking to his basketball hero LeBron James, while livestreaming some NBA 2k on June 6. 

Ross is a Los Angeles-based Twitch streamer who specializes in NBA 2K. Long time viewers of his channel will also know of his admiration for LeBron James, the LA Lakers star and future Hall-of-Fame member.

On June 6, Adin’s 85,000 followers were equally stunned when James came over the microphone, making the Twitch streamer’s dreams into a reality.

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LeBron James when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ross can be seen in total disbelief as James comes on the microphone. Even with LeBron James’ trademark nonchalance, Ross struggles to keep his emotions in check.

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“What’s good, bro?” LeBron asked, before the Twitch streamer double-checked that he wasn’t being pranked. He had been playing with the NBA superstar’s son prior to his father coming on the mic.

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“Yo, first of all I gotta say – gigantic fan,” Ross said. “I love you. I don’t wanna be a fanboy, but I love you.” LeBron accepted the streamer’s kind words, and thanked him for respecting and playing with his son.

LeBron then signed off with a polite “nice to meet you”, which Ross returned. Albeit staying fairly calm for the duration of their conversation, Ross stood up and began to run around his room with his hands on his head, as soon as the Lakers’ star exited the conversation. “What the f**k? What the f**k?” he exclaimed.

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This behavior was much to the delight of his watching audience, who seemed impressed with how calm the streamer remained while speaking to his idol.

Ross and Bronny James (son of LeBron) went on to play a number of NBA2K matches together, while the latter’s father proved, once again, why he’s considered one of the nicest guys in basketball.