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Ninja slams Jake Paul’s “disgusting” content amid ‘looting’ scandal

Published: 6/Jun/2020 15:07 Updated: 7/Jun/2020 19:04

by Joe Craven


Mixer streamer and Fortnite veteran Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has criticized American YouTuber Jake Paul, after he was charged for criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly. 

Jake Paul originally came under fire after videos surfaced showing him present at disturbances in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He then responded to the accusations, stating that while he was present, he was not participating in any illegal activities. However, it has since become public that he was charged with trespassing and unlawful assembly.

IG: JakePaul
Paul was seen present as protestors threw objects at buildings and set off fireworks.

Despite Paul’s statement defending himself, the YouTuber’s older brother, Logan, was also among those who criticized his presence. Now Ninja has joined the criticism, making some strong comments while live on June 4.

“He made this statement,” Ninja said, “like, ‘I was just trying to show support, shed light, bring awareness’… Logan Paul actually had a really good take on the whole situation, he had his podcast and the clip went viral.”

“And Jake had his opportunity,” Ninja continued. “All he had to do was just peacefully protest, record it, spread awareness, be positive. Not act like a f**king jack*ss. But instead, he pulls a classic Jake Paul, and records the looting and the rioting.”

Blevins then turned his attention to other behavior Paul has exhibited, and the content he continues to make. He stated that, while he doesn’t want to see Paul in prison, it’s clear the YouTuber “doesn’t give a sh*t about his record”.

“I don’t want to be too harsh,” Ninja finished. “But let’s be real – the stuff and the content that Jake Paul [makes]… it’s just disgusting. The fake relationships, the making out, the half-naked [people].”

Many people have echoed Ninja’s comments, that Paul is trying to use a nationwide movement to make personal content. While Blevins suggests there was an opportunity for Paul to make “positive” content, any attempts to do so have been overshadowed by his presence and subsequent charges.


Pokemon releases Pikachu ASMR and fans are loving it

Published: 4/Dec/2020 20:41 Updated: 4/Dec/2020 21:09

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Company surprised fans on December 3 with a special ASMR video hosted by Pikachu. The odd YouTube upload went viral after players of the Nintendo RPG couldn’t get enough of it.

Pokemon made its debut in 1996 and quickly took the world by storm. Decades later, the Nintendo property has surpassed titans such as Disney and Marvel to become the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. From cards to t-shirts, consumers can’t get enough of the beloved series.

On December 3, fans were surprised when the series’ mascot, Pikachu, hosted an ASMR video. Players unfamiliar with the audio phenomena that has swept YouTube and Twitch found themselves surprised by how much the Electric-type’s sounds made them feel relaxed.

Screenshot of Snorlax sleeping in the Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans can now lay back like Snorlax with Pikachu ASMR.

Pikachu relaxes Pokemon fans with ASMR

ASMR, which stands for auto sensory meridian response, is a phenomenon where certain sound frequencies cause listeners to get tingles or chills. The category has exploded on sites like YouTube where millions tune in to watch personalities whisper into a mic – yeah, it sounds weird on paper.

Now, The Pokemon Company has shared their own take on the medium by releasing an upload that features lovable mascot Pikachu. Despite only being out mere hours at the time of writing, the video has racked up over 369k views.

For over 15 minutes, the Gen I character interacts with objects around the room, while also shuffling and rolling across the floor.  The adorable ‘mon even whispers its iconic “Pika Pika” catchphrase from various angles.

Despite not being the usual content the Pokemon community expects, fans absolutely loved it. One user exclaimed, “I never knew I needed a Pikachu ASMR!” Another viewer agreed and wrote, “The comfiest thing I have ever heard.” Some even wanted more ASMR content featuring other Pokemon: “I need the Eevee version of this.”

Pokemon fans comment on ASMR Pikachu YouTube upload.
Fans absolutely love the video.

While ASMR isn’t for everyone, the unexpected Pikachu video has been a major hit with the community. Maybe Nintendo was actually onto something big with their Pokemon Sleep project after all.

Despite releasing over two decades ago, the Game Freak franchise has never been more popular. Fans have a lot to be excited for as the series will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021, with many surprises to come.