Twitch streamer JustaMinx reveals she was “roofied” during disturbing strip club visit

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer Justaminx roofied at strip club

Twitch star JustaMinx has revealed she was “roofied” while out at a strip club in LA on Monday night where a stranger wouldn’t leave her alone.

JustaMinx is one of the wildest Twitch streamers with a sizable following of fans. Early in the morning on Tuesday, Minx began tweeting about her night out, which led to her viewers becoming concerned for her wellbeing.

While it started off fun during a trip to the strip club that night. things quickly went sour when a stranger began following her.

After the streamer called her Uber, the stranger began asking her to share the ride and wouldn’t let up. To make matters worse, security made her leave despite the “weirdo” going after her.

Eventually, JustaMinx was able to get into her ride and although the man followed her to the Uber, the driver refused to let him in.

Despite Minx finally being able to leave safely, she discovered the next day that she’d actually been drugged while out and about.

JustaMinx drink “spiked” at strip club in LA

A few hours later, Minx revealed she was “spiked” at the club and it was the worst she had ever felt in her entire life.

“My knuckle is bruised. I only have the three videos I posted from last night. The place won’t answer. I’m so mad I can’t remember sh*t,” she explained on social media.

The streamer also posted a conversation she was having with someone named “Momma Bear” where Minx suggested that either the “weird” man had drugged her or someone who bought her a drink.

Minx was very hard on herself in the aftermath, remarking “who gets roofied on a Monday,” and called herself an “idiot.”

However, her viewers and friends were quick to offer support and insisted that she not blame herself for the actions of others.

So far, Minx hasn’t provided an update on the situation and if she plans on going to the police, but at least she made it home okay following the horrific night out.

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