JustaMinx sends brutal callout to Amber Heard for next boxing match

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star ‘JustaMinx’ made history by winning the first-ever women’s influencer boxing match at Creator Clash — and she may already have her next opponent lined up… so to speak.

The influencer boxing world got a major shakeup during Creator Clash this past weekend.

The charity-based boxing event saw a total of 18 influencers face off for a good cause — and also broke a major record, in the process.

As if selling over 100,000 pay-per-views and 10,000 seats in the Yuengling Center for charity wasn’t enough, Creator Clash also made history by orchestrating the first-ever women’s influencer boxing bout.

JustaMinx wins Yodeling Haley boxing match
JustaMinx made history at Creator Clash 2022.

JustaMinx picks her ideal next opponent

The bout between Twitch streamer JustaMinx and TikTok star Yodeling Haley saw Minx emerge victorious by TKO in the fourth round.

While she’s keen on stepping back in the ring soon, she may have already tapped her next opponent… and it’s none other than actress Amber Heard.

JustaMinx ‘challenges’ Amber Heard to boxing match

As the entire world has been made well aware, the ongoing trial between celebrity ex-spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is currently taking over the internet as social media stars tune in to the hearing to give their own two cents on the drama.

In fact, it’s become somewhat of a ‘meta’ on Twitch… something JustaMinx has also taken part in. After watching Heard’s testimony, Minx had one thing to say: She wants to box the ‘Aquaman’ star.

“She’s actually acting like she’s f**kin’ boxing,” the streamer said. “Okay, I’m calling Amber Heard out. Fight me, b**ch. Fight me, b**ch! We’ve both got BPD. Come on, you manic little c**t.”

Of course, Minx is just joking… but that would certainly be a sight to see.

Minx’s bout against Yodeling Haley is already inspiring other female influencers to start their own boxing journeys in hopes of taking part in another influencer boxing event.

Who knows who Minx will fight next (although her next rival probably won’t be Amber Heard).

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