Twitch streamer heartbroken after embarrassing Tinder ‘likes’ reveal

DjDavex, Tinder

Dating in this day and age is already a wild experience but as one Twitch streamer found out, it can be a long and difficult road to success.

Everyone is just looking for that special someone. Someone to share the best life has to offer. Yet, the paradigms of dating have evolved exponentially as technology has revolutionized the landscape of love. There are just so many apps to choose from. 

Hinge, Bumble, Grindr, or Coffee Meets Bagel. Whatever your flavor, there is a fine-tuned e-dating experience readily available at the click of a button. Over 57 million people around the world use Tinder and an estimated 6.6 million of them are paid users too. That is a lot of super likes ready to be dealt out. 

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The journey to e-dating is a courageous endeavor. Plucking up the courage to download these apps is one thing, but preparing an appealing profile to possible suitors is an intensive labor. Will your selected Tinder anthem of Will Smith’s “Getting Jiggy Wit’ It” reel in the likes? There’s only one way to be sure, as some users have learned.

Will Smith
This classic 90s dance anthem is a hit with any love interest.

DjDavex is a U.S based Twitch streamer, offering casual hangout sessions and gaming hilarity. Outside of his growing channel, one has to wonder if there is a Mrs DjDavex on the sidelines? Well, the jury might be out on that one. 

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Hosting a stream where DjDavex would review the Tinder profiles of chat members, it all seemed to be going smoothly. Everything was wholesome. The smiles were plentiful and the laughter was flowing. It all changed when prysryyo entered the chat. 

“She made the account 20 minutes go…and has 41 likes” the streamer exclaimed with dejection. Holding onto the same account for four years, DjDavex hasn’t popped off in the same way with a mere 25 likes. 

Going to blame “Society, f*cking society”, the streamer’s quest for love continues on.