[UPDATED] Twitch streamer Grizz banned for imitating Amouranth accident

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Partnered Twitch streamer Grizz, well-known in the PUBG scene, has been banned after recreating Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa’s incident during his own stream.


Grizz has been unbanned by Twitch. Grizz apologized for making the joke, saying it “wasn’t that funny” and was “inappropriate.”

During a September 8 stream, Amouranth was lying on the floor with her dog and rolling around while thousands of viewers watched on when suddenly a major wardrobe malfunction occurred.

She unknowingly gave viewers a look up her skirt and exposed herself several times to her stream, which led to her chat being bombarded with warnings about what was happening.

Twitch: AmouranthThe incident that got Amouranth banned.

The next day Amouranth was hit with a 3-day ban from the platform. She returned to streaming on September 12 and even became the fastest-growing Twitch channel in that time.

However, the clip of the incident quickly made the rounds and was mocked, and even fellow Twitch streamers found a way to get in on the fun.

Grizz decided to completely duplicate the incident in his stream, going the extra mile by featuring his dog for maximum effect.

He sat down on the ground and began playing with his dog, where he then “exposed” himself to his stream and viewers were able to get a glimpse at a fake pair of balls coming out of his shorts.

When he stood back up, he said “Oh sh*t,” acting as if he just noticed what happened and tucked them back into his shorts.

Although he was certainly doing this for the memes and to poke fun at Amouranth, Twitch still came in and swiftly banned him for it. If you go to his channel now you’ll be informed of his suspension.

Grizz hasn’t posted on Twitter about it as of yet so we don’t know the exact length, but Amouranth’s lasted for just three days as a reference point.

Perhaps his clip will have a chance to go viral now and he too can become one of Twitch’s fastest-growing streamers once he inevitably returns to the platform following his ban.

Dexerto will keep you updated on Grizz’s ban going forward.

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