Adriana Chechik accuses Indiefoxx & DanDangler of plotting to get Amouranth banned on Twitch

Calum Patterson
Amouranth indiefoxx and adriana

Drama has escalated between a number of Twitch’s most popular female streamers, as Adriana Chechik reveals text messages allegedly sent by Indiefoxx and DanDangler, plotting to get Amouranth banned from Twitch through a podcast.

Amouranth, the second-most followed female streamer on Twitch, was banned from the platform for only 24 hours on May 4. The cause for the ban remains unknown, and Amouranth hasn’t addressed it.

Although there is no reason has been established publicly for the ban, it appears there are fellow streamers with ambitions to have Amouranth suspended, for unknown reasons.

These streamers include Indiefoxx, who has had a very public feud with Amouranth in the past. Amouranth even suggested that she “baited” Indiefoxx, now known as JenFoxx into getting banned in an interview with Dexerto, back during the height of the hot tub streaming controversy.

Adriana Chechik reveals JenFoxx & DanDangler Amouranth plans

In a series of tweets addressing fellow streamer DanDangler, Adrian Chechik revealed texts she received, offering her to feature on a podcast to discuss Amouranth.

Chechik has also been critical of Amouranth recently, saying she has “no respect” for her. Amouranth responded by offering to fight her in a boxing match.

Perhaps encouraged by Chechik calling her out, JenFoxx and DanDangler apparently reached out to offer a chance to go into more detail on a podcast.

“[DanDangler] hit me up with a text from Indiefoxx trying to get me to do a podcast with her to bring Ammouranth down. Like no I said she was mean but I’m a grown woman and it’s not my job to defame anyone,” Chechik tweeted.

She then showed screenshots of the texts. In them, JenFoxx says to DanDangler, “When you’re ready to do the podcast, I have a way to get her banned.”

“If we get enough viewers, they will naturally mass report. Once I show them how she’s breaking [terms of service].”

DanDangler sent these texts to Chechik, adding “She’s wondering if you want to do a podcast about Amouranth with her.”

Although Chechik said “Let’s do it,” she clarified that this was referring to a collaboration, not specifically to the podcast about Amouranth.

Neither Indiefoxx nor TheDanDangler have responded to Chechik’s claims at the time of writing.