Twitch streamer goes viral by posting same photo on Instagram every day

Virginia Glaze
Mark Bonanno poses with his father in front of a blue Ford sedan.

Twitch streamer and comedian Mark Samyal Bonanno has gone viral for posting the same photo of himself and his father to Instagram every single day — with a few humorous modifications, of course.

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Every once in a while, someone gets incredibly creative with their social media presence; but with so many content creators out there nowadays, it seems like just about everything has already been done.

This is not the case for Twitch streamer, comedian and actor Mark Bonanno, who took his Instagram game to the next level with a little inspiration from his father.

Bonanno is part of Australian absurdist comedy group Aunty Donna, which boasts an impressive YouTube presence of over 315,000 subscribers.

Best known for their comedy sketches and humorous podcast, Aunty Donna has become quite the name in the Aussie online space, and Bonanno is showing off his comedy chops even further via his Instagram account.

A quick look at his profile will show some interesting results: His entire profile consists of a single photo posted multiple times, showing himself and his father posing in front of a blue Ford sedan.

These photos stretch back far into his account, each with a different spin; Bonanno even recreated the photo with TF2 characters in Garry’s Mod, while others show the two in front of the famous code seen in the Matrix films or other odd backgrounds.

His latest pic (at the time of writing) shows his father’s head photoshopped into that of a velociraptor — and although it’s not exactly Jurassic Park-levels of frightening, it’s certainly worth a good laugh.

Bonanno’s Instagram shenanigans have since gone viral online, earning him wide appeal as viewers can’t seem to get enough of the daily photoshopped madness of the same picture; but a cheeky Q&A session with his pater has revealed that he wasn’t actually aware the photo would turn into such a long-running gag.

In response to a fan’s question about the pic, Bonanno’s father, Charlie (real name Carmelo), wrote: “I thought it was a bit of fun. I didn’t know he was going to do this, though.”

Charlie answers a question about Mark's daily photoshopping posts.
A cheeky Q&A sesh with Mark’s father, Charlie, revealed his humorous thoughts on the now viral daily photo project.

Shenanigans aside, it seems that Mark’s wacky undertaking has taken off in a major way, giving fans and onlookers something wild to look forward to every day.

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