Man steals JadeyAnh’s phone during IRL livestream on Twitch

JadeyAnh and an iphoneInstagram: ja.dey/Unsplash

Popular Twitch streamer JadeyAnh had her phone stolen while she was live doing an IRL stream, but, things didn’t end in a complete disaster for her. 

Deciding to broadcast your everyday activities on IRL (in real life) streams might seem a pretty simple way to get plenty of eyes on you, but, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

There are plenty of perils that go along with IRL streaming – especially in public. You’ve got to hope that there’s no one around you that, for one reason or another, wants to get their moment in the spotlight by deciding to interrupt the streamer. 

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For JadeyAnh, she didn’t have to worry about someone walking along and drunkenly shouting down her camera. Instead, she had someone decide to pinch her phone while she was streaming. 

Jadeyanh instagram photoInstagram: ja.dey
JadeyAnh is a popular streamer with over 175,000 followers on Twitch.

During her August 21 broadcast, the popular streamer had been sat talking to her viewers on her phone during a night out on the town with her friends. 

As she used the phone to conduct her stream, JadeyAnh had it placed down on a table but after a few moments, a complete stranger ran in front of where she was sitting, picked the phone up, and quickly ran away with it. 

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Obviously, it wasn’t the cleverest idea for the would-be thief given that his face was on camera in front of her viewers, but he enjoyed himself – running away and laughing at his deed. 

Thankfully, he wasn’t completely a real thief. After a few moments, he returned the phone to Jade and her friends and apologized for his “joke.” 

“Dude, you really scared us,” the streamer’s pals said as the stranger returned the phone. “I mean, I know [it was a joke], but it was a very rough joke.” 

Jade, however, wasn’t laughing at what happened because the phone holds a pretty emotional attachment for her as it contains photos of her dog who passed away. 

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“I panicked because all my pictures of my dead dog are on my phone,” she said. “If that phone [was] gone, the memories of my dog would be gone.”

Had it not been a joke, the streamer probably would have been distraught at losing her phone, but at least the unusual situation didn’t end in complete disaster.