Twitch streamer goes viral after boyfriend’s surprise proposal

Georgina Smith
Guy proposes to his girlfriend in a Twitch streamTwitch: MissMelbear

A clip has gone viral on Twitch of a man surprising his girlfriend of six years with a marriage proposal, much to the delight of their fans watching at the time, and thousands who have viewed the clip since.

MissMelbear is a small Twitch streamer with just over 200 followers, who creates and sells her own adorable digital art. She often streams her creative process to her audience in relaxed and wholesome content.

In a lowkey birthday stream, Mel was busy sketching and chatting with her followers, when her boyfriend Daniel entered with a present in mind. As he started his emotional speech, the chat waited with baited breath to see what would happen next.

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“I think from the six years that we’ve been together, we’ve seen so much growth in each other.” he started. “You taught me to become a more kind and loving person.”

“Mel, I can’t imagine myself being with anyone else. The memories we’ve shared are irreplaceable. So I guess I just have one question for you. Will you marry me?”

There was no hesitation when Mel said “yes” as the chat was flooded with emojis and congratulations for the newly-engaged couple. “I did not know you were gonna do this,” Mel said, though she explained that she had been hinting she wanted to get married for a while.

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“Are they hints or are they demands?” one member of the chat joked, and the couple told the story of how they figured out that they wanted to tie the knot, and Mel’s bizarre dream that eventually led to the proposal.

People are loving watching the memorable moment, as the clip has now been viewed almost 50,000 times. And if MissMelbear’s art is anything to go by, they’ll have the most aesthetically pleasing wedding invitations ever.

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