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David Dobrik gives away thousands of dollars on his first Twitch stream

Published: 30/Aug/2020 12:05 Updated: 30/Aug/2020 12:09

by Daniel Cleary


YouTube star David Dobrik is back creating content after starting his own Twitch channel, pulling off some ridiculous viewership numbers for his first time broadcasting on the platform.

David Dobrik ceased uploading vlogs to his channel after California lockdown restrictions were put in place and has not uploaded since April, but many fans of the YouTuber, including Logan Paul, have been calling for him to return.

Although he is yet to make his YouTube return, Dobrik revealed that he had created his own Twitch channel, on August 29, and announced in an Instagram story, that he would be hosting a short stream to test out the platform.

David dobrik sat at tableDavid Dobrik has now started his own channel on Twitch.

Following his surprise appearance on the stream of Call of Duty world champ Parasite, he brought some more entertaining Warzone gameplay for tens of thousands of fans watching his first stream.

The YouTuber reached some insane viewership numbers for his first time ever streaming, peaking at over 47,000 concurrent viewers during the short broadcast, according to SullyGnome.

Dobrik also revealed that he would be giving away $1000 to a random viewer for every single win they managed to pick up in Warzone, surprising some lucky viewers with extra cash throughout the stream.

Dobrik and his friends surprisingly managed to snag a few wins, with the YouTuber hilariously clutching up their first game of the stream in dramatic fashion.

After it came down to a 1v1 in the final circle, David dealt the final blow with an RPG shot for the Warzone victory, despite getting screamed at in the process.

“Get the f*** out of here, oh my god are you kidding me,” he exclaimed, seemingly surprising himself with the win.

David also added before the stream that, although he was willing to start his own Twitch channel, he is still unsure just how much he plans on going live for his viewers.


“Look at that kid” IRL streamer heartbroken as he’s laughed at in public

Published: 28/Oct/2020 17:03

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer AverageHarrry has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after a group of people openly laughed at him in public.

The young streamer, who was on vacation, was hanging out in a hotel lobby chatting with his viewers when suddenly a group started chuckling amongst themselves.

Off-screen, a woman in hysterics can be heard talking about “people who take selfies” right as she spotted AverageHarrry sitting down on a chair in the lobby.

Without warning, the woman blurted out “look at that kid” as the group continued to laugh and eventually walked out of the room, leaving Harry quite upset.

After a few moments of silence and some proverbial Fs in the chat, the streamer buried his head in his hands.

“They just laughed at me,” he meekly murmured. “They just laughed at me.”

It’s not clear exactly what was so funny about Harry talking with his viewers, but it may have been a result of a previous joke amongst themselves that was amplified by the streamer’s presence.

AverageHarrry gets laughed at
They walked by without ever apologizing.

“They looked at me and just laughed,” the saddened streamer softly said. “Oh my God.”

Heartbroken over how he was treated, Harry leaned back in his seat and tried to collect his thoughts. “I think I should just end my streaming career. There’s no point, I’m never going to live this moment down.”

Luckily, the streamer was able to go right back at it and didn’t actually decide to end his streaming career as he joked. And it’s a good thing too, as the clip has since gone viral.

Since being uploaded on October 27, the clip of the strangers laughing at Harry has been viewed over 200,000 times. According to the third-party stat-tracking site Twitch Metrics, this has also earned the streamer nearly 200 new followers.

Hopefully, the rest of Harry’s vacation goes super well and he doesn’t end up being the butt of any more jokes by random strangers in hotels.