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Shroud slams toxic viewers for “ruining” Twitch tournaments

Published: 29/Aug/2020 13:38

by Georgina Smith


Canadian Twitch streamer  Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek took a moment to call out his viewers for creating a negative environment in his chat, whenever he’s playing in any tournaments.

Shroud made his long-anticipated return to Twitch on August 12, after a short-lived and less lucrative stint on Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer. Once Mixer shut down and merged with Facebook, fans headed back to his Twitch account with his then 7 million (now 8 million) followers intact.

His first stream back garnered him over 500,000 concurrent viewers, in what he called an “epic return.” In the weeks following, he’s gained around one million new followers, a sign that Twitch yields more opportunity than Mixer did.


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Shroud returns to Twitch

Shroud on ‘toxic’ chats

But his “epic return” hasn’t all been totally positive, as on August 28 when playing new hit Fall Guys, he was forced to address the negativity stemming from the chat.

“The thing that sucks about these, we’re playing f**king Fall Guys. We’re playing Fall Guys right now, who gives a f**k,” he began. “The only thing that sucks when it’s any sort of competition, chat is ruthless. The people playing are having a great time, and the chat is ruining everything.”

He implores his viewers to do better, and to not take a lighthearted game such as Fall Guys so seriously just because it’s a competition. “You guys gotta do better. Have fun, watch, don’t be a d*ck.”


“Don’t go over to someone’s stream and call them sh**ty for bringing the team down or something. Like, who the f**k cares? We’re playing Fall Guys!”

Grzesiek has recently spoken about his hunch that Fall Guys “is going to die” if it doesn’t start refreshing their content or adding new maps in order to keep it exciting, and making it easier to play with friends instead of strangers.

While it appears that shroud’s new surge of popularity following his return to Twitch has released a new wave of negativity along with it, he is clearly not afraid to call those people out for their toxicity.