TikToker stuns internet after catching her fiance in an affair mid-proposal

Meera Jacka
TikToker stuns internet after catching her fiance in an affair mid-proposalTikTok: tiffanylyynn

A TikToker has left the internet stunned after revealing she found out her boyfriend was cheating in the midst of his proposal to her.

A wedding proposal is arguably one of the biggest moments in someone’s life, and many spend countless years waiting for their time to shine and commit to “the one”.

Some prefer an intimate and private proposal, whereas others like to go all out and make their moment a public spectacle. But one aspect tends to remain the same — no one wants to discover their partner’s infidelity mid-proposal.

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Nonetheless, that is exactly what happened to one TikToker, who took to the social media platform to share her ‘traumatic’ proposal story.

Tiffany Lyn, who goes by ‘tiffanylyynn’ on TikTok, revealed she discovered her fiance had been cheating on her “right in the middle of his proposal”.

“I was madly in love with this man, I was head over heels, would do whatever he said,” Tiffany began, explaining the pair had been dating for two years at the time. In hopes of surprising her with the proposal, he took her to Orlando for a “little bit of fun at the amusement parks.”

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“Once we got to the amusement park he decides to sign up to be a contestant in one of the competition game performances that they had at this park,” Tiffany continued. However, right before the competition started, her partner at the time asked Tiffany to film the competition using his phone… a request that ultimately led to his antics being exposed.

“He starts to receive text messages that are popping up on the screen — the text messages turned out to be from his mistress that he’s been messing with the whole time we are together,” Tiffany said. “I guess that morning he had texted her to let her know like ‘Hey, it’s over between us because I’m about to get engaged today’ and she threw a sh** fit.”

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Able to maintain composure during the proposal, Tiffany waited to confront her “fiance” once the setting was less public. Realizing he’d been caught, he didn’t deny the affair and instead tried to tell her “everything that he thought that [she] wanted to hear.”

All Tiffany could respond with was, “This two-carat diamond ring? It’s just not [going to] be enough.”

Viewers were stunned by Tiffany’s former fiance’s actions, with one person writing, “I love that ‘it’s over [because] I’m getting engaged’ as if….. the rest of the relationship didn’t matter?”

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