Twitch streamer forced to change name due to Andrew Tate fans: “He’s ruined my name”

Shay Robson
Andrew Tate in suit talking to camera

A Twitch streamer named Andrew Tate is being forced to change his username, as fans mistake him for the former kickboxer who’s popping up all over social media.

By this point, it’s almost impossible to not have heard of Andrew Tate. With his controversial opinions, the British-American kickboxer has been the center of attention on the internet.

Many have spoken out against him for being “misogynistic” and “anti-woman.” However, that hasn’t stopped him from growing an enormous audience. Videos of him have even surpassed a total of five billion views on TikTok alone.

Now, one unsuspecting Twitch streamer is being forced to change his name, as waves of fans continue to mistake him for the “top g.”

Andrew-Tate-calls-out-jake-paulAndrew Tate has been the center of attention on the internet recently for his “misogynistic” opinions.

Twitch streamer AndrewTateLive, not to be mistaken with the kickboxer and entrepreneur Andrew Tate, opened up on how his name has been “ruined.”

During a broadcast on July 16, the streamer with just over 2000 followers explained how fans of the 35-year-old self-proclaimed “trillionaire” continue to come to his stream.

Despite creating his account in 2019, well before Andrew Tate’s resurgence in popularity, the streamer is essentially being forced to change his name on Twitch.

“He’s ruined my name,” he said. “That mother f**ker has ruined my name.”

Surprisingly, the small creator actually went ahead and change their username to ‘CrypticCounty‘, leaving many to wonder why he didn’t just keep the old one.

“Should have just kept the name and taken the extra views,” said one. “Get the influx of viewers ride the wave,” another added. “You shouldn’t take it personally since it really has nothing to do with you.”

However, that’s of course easier said than done. When considering the harassment and trolling he’ll be receiving from Andrew Tate fans, it’s probably for the best.