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Twitch streamer discovers surprising true origin of gamer girl bathwater

Published: 13/Sep/2019 4:52 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:38

by Andrew Amos


While the bathwater trend went viral thanks to Belle Delphine’s Instagram stunt, Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Jerma985’ Harrington might have found the first reference to it in pop culture.

Bathwater has been a buzz word on the tip of many content creators tongues in 2019. It started off with Belle Delphine’s Instagram post, where she started selling jars of her own bathwater for $30 a pop with her thirsty fans, and since then has inspired dozens of spinoffs.

The first reference to people getting thirsty for bathwater might predate this millenia though, as Jerma985 found out in his playthrough of point-and-click horror game Ripper.

Twitter: Belle DelphineBelle Delphine made waves after bottling up her bathwater and selling it to fans.

Streaming the game on September 12, Jeremy reached a quest that involved him controller a character named Ace through a game of pick-up basketball.

He was getting pounded by the AI on the court, but it was the off-the-court action that was getting more attention. After conceding another point, the game cut away to a guy approaching a girl, looking to spark up a conversation – but he used one hell of a pick-up line.

“Girl I’ll drink your bathwater.”

It’s not the most flattering statement, and it didn’t work whatsoever, with the girl in game walking away. Jerma was cackling in the background, a bit dumbstruck as to what had happened.

Twitch chat instantly exploded with references to Belle Delphine and the gamer girl bathwater stunt too, with many saying how “topical” and “relevant” this random statement was. 

What took most people by surprise those is how out of the blue the comment was. Ripper is a 1996 point-and-click horror game starting Christopher Walken as a voice actor. It is a play on the Jack the Ripper murders, being based in 2040’s Manhattan.

Why it got to the point where there was a game of pickup basketball with some guy called Fingers with people dropping weird comments from the sidelines, no one really knows. It was unexpected, like most of this game, and the more Jerma played through the weirder it got.

Twitch: Jerma985Maybe don’t use “girl I could drink your bathwater” as a pickup line.

It was one hell of a place to find what could be one of the earliest references to bathwater in gaming, 23 years before it went viral. 

While Belle Delphine might have been a trendsetter with the number of parodies that spawned from her initial creation, the true origin of bathwater is well before her time.


Alexandra Botez responds to creepy Twitch viewer asking to see her feet

Published: 29/Oct/2020 23:01

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer and chess guru Alexandra Botez wasn’t going to put up with trolls asking to see her feet during a live stream.

During the broadcast, as Botez was challenging players in chess, a viewer decided to ask the streamer if they could see her feet – something that promoted a hilarious response from Alexandra.

“Sir, you’re not seeing… you know what,” the frustrated streamer began, before pausing with a smirk. “I’m going to show you what’s on my feet, and you’re going to stop asking.”

With that, the 25-year-old lifted up her shoe and showed it off in front of the camera.

Alexandra Botez holds a shoe
Mess with the Botez, get the shoe.

“I’m wearing these clogs, okay? This is all you need to know. And if you would ask me that in person, I would turn into Romanian Botez,” she added.

Next, Alexandra pretended to smack the person with her clog while rambling on in Romanian.

“And I would hit you in the head with my shoe,” she warned. “And you wouldn’t see feet because your vision would be blurry.”

Amusingly, after that whole rant, the streamer went right back into challenging whoever she wanted to play next, as if the whole foot fiasco never even happened.

Fans have requested feet before

This isn’t the first time that Alexandra has been asked to show her feet, oddly enough. Earlier in 2020, a viewer donated $3 and asked the streamer to reveal her highly fetishized body part.

Instead of showing them off, however, she simply drew a foot on a piece of paper and held it up for the camera, which confused her two on-stream guests.

“Someone donated to show feet,” she explained, prompting some laughs in the chat.

While Botez has handled the foot remarks quite well thus far, the next time someone dares to ask the chess queen to slip off her shoes to expose her feet, they could be getting a clog to the skull.