Twitch streamer slams female viewers for harassing girlfriend

Michael Gwilliam

AydannStreams has revealed that even smaller Twitch streamers can be the victim of harassment regardless of their gender. 

On September 11, Aydann exposed a female viewer for going out of her way to target his girlfriend in what appears to be an extreme act of jealousy. 

For a smaller stream, the chat can be a more intimate experience with the interactions between the streamer and his or her viewers being frequent. And while some relationships between the streamer and viewers can grow, they can also take a dark turn.

Eventually, after a female viewers grew a little too close to Aydann and sent some hurtful messages to his girlfriend, the streamer snapped. 

According to Aydann, a few viewer started DMing him asking if he had a girlfriend. When he said yes and revealed who it was in his chat, she spent every stream trying to harass her. 

“You’ve been targeting my girlfriend since you came in here. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but you’re constantly trying to roast her, say she’s rude, ask if she done makeup well” Aydann began. “Dude, I don’t understand why. And you even DM’d her. Don’t DM my girlfriend.” 

But for his part, despite clearly upset, the upstart entertainer did have some advice for the overly-invested fan. 

aydannstreams/InstagramAydannStreams had enough of the harassment from a female viewer.

“Don’t go after people’s relationships. Enjoy the content that they create. Don’t be the person that comes in all the time and be like ‘do they love you enough? Are they taking care of you enough? This that’. No. Nuh.” 

The content creator went on to explain in the replies that the female viewer had been banned and he posted the video to show that this kind of thing happens to male streamers too, just not as often. 

A lot of people in the comments, including females, praised Aydann for how he handled the situation. One, a mother of two boys, said she wanted to break the stigma that harassment only happens to women. 

Aydann then revealed that this normally happens once or twice a month and that he recieved pictures he never asked for from women who found his personal Facebook account. 

It just goes to show that everyone can find themselves in unwanted situations. 

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