xQc reveals unexpected health scare from reusing towel too long

Jake Nichols

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has opened up about a health scare that stemmed from a common bathroom habit — reusing towels for too long.

It’s no secret that streamers aren’t best known for their hygiene. Twitch CEO Dan Clancy and streamer ExtraEmily recently split the internet after revealing their questionable showering routines. A Roblox streamer, powEnvy, also stunned viewers by sharing images of their incredibly filthy bedroom.

xQc’s hygiene habits have also been a talking point. Piles of trash have been commonly spotted on streams over the years, and not long ago, he was left completely embarrassed as his maids cleaned up his “disgusting” room live on stream.

And now, in a recent stream, xQc shared yet another hygiene experience with his viewers, offering insight into what can happen when you don’t change your towel often.

“Chat, chat… I’ll give you the advice chat. If you use it more than two weeks, you’re going to f*** yourself,” he warned.

“One time, I used it for a month and it molds, and I had double ear infections because it’s really bad. Mold builds in and then you wash your head with it and puts it into your ears and it f***s your ears up,” xQc explained.

His advice to fans? “Don’t do it. One week max!”

xQc’s suggestion aligns with recommendations from health experts. The Cleaning Institute suggests washing bath towels after three to five uses, while the Cleveland Clinic recommends a weekly wash. Hand towels, which are exposed to more bacteria, should be changed every one to two days.

But many of his fans were left stunned by the revelation for various reasons.

While some were quick to comment, “Bro, you have to hang your towel after using it, not throw it on the floor.” Others, maybe having a lightbulb moment, asked, “Wait, are you supposed to get a new towel every month?”

So, next time you reach for that bath towel, remember xQc’s advice and consider if it’s time for a fresh one.