Twitch streamer CDawgVA raises over $300,000 with 500 mile bike ride in Japan on stream

Sam Comrie
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Twitch streamer and YouTuber CDawgVA has stunned viewers around the world, after raising more than $300,000 during a 500 mile bike ride livestream around Japan.

The advent of streaming platform-like giants such as YouTube Gaming and Twitch has enabled our favourite creators to give back for incredible causes. We’ve seen megastars like MrBeast raise gargantuan funds for charity and now Welsh streamer Connor ‘CDawgVA’ Colquhoun is no exception.

The popular Twitch streamer embarked on a bike ride across Japan, streaming his efforts to his strong 850,000 followers, with plenty of newcomers tuning in for his exploits.

CDawgVA’s cyclethon was the most “heartwarming experience of my life”, says Twitch streamer

On August 29, 2022, CDawgVA set out on his 500 mile ‘cyclethon’ in a bid to raise funds for The Immune Deficiency Foundation. While the streamer definitely encountered some obstacles along the way, his efforts raised over $300,000.

Blown away by the response to his fundraising, the Twitch streamer shared his gratitude on social media. The streamer said “I cannot express my gratitude, with the 500 Mile cyclethon over, we raised an INSANE $316,469.69 for the @IDFCommunity.”

“This has been one of the painful and heartwarming experience of my life,” CDawgVA continued.

The streamer added they are “so lucky to have you guys supporting me, you’re the best.”

Alongside his collaborator Chris Broad, the pair travelled across Hokkaido, Japan over the span of eight days.

To celebrate the culmination of their journey, the creative duo headed off to the Golden Arches, as they marked the occasion with a well earned McDonalds meal.

CDawgVA’s charity of choice, The Immune Deficiency Foundation, operates with the intention of improving “the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people affected by primary immunodeficiency through fostering a community empowered by advocacy, education, and research.”

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