CDawgVA raises $552k for charity with 900km bike ride in second iteration of Cyclethon

Jeremy Gan
Cdawgva and Chris Broad in Cyclethon 2.0

Twitch streamer CDawgVA has once again raised a staggering amount of money for charity in his second iteration of the Cyclethon, all done in a 900 km bike ride across Japan.

Streamers and YouTubers have long used their platform and status to raise money for good, with megastars like MrBeast and Ludwig regularly doing so. Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhounhas done it again, with an insanely lengthy bike ride to boot.

Riding roughly 100 km everyday for 9 days, totalling to nearly 900 km, Connor raised a staggering $552,533 for the Immune Deficiency Foundation in the second iteration of the Cyclethon. 

The initial goal for Cyclethon 2.0 was $500k, and it was promptly broken on day 9 while he was in the middle of the day’s bike ride. The content creator celebrating the achievement by shouting at the top of his lungs, in the middle of a quaint suburb. 

Saying in his tweet, “this honestly was really physically demanding on us and pushed us to our limits, but we did it and raised a s*** ton of money for IDF.”

But of course, CDawgVA was not alone in his epic bike ride. His fellow streamers and YouTubers, Chris “AbroadinJapan” Broad and PremierTwo accompanied him cycling every other day. VTuber superstar Ironmouse also cheered on CDawgVA during her streams.

CDawgVA charity bike ride around Japan raises over 500k

The bike ride started in Fukuoka, and ended at Kitakyushu. But instead of taking the straight route between each city, he decided to cycle the entire perimeter of the Kyushu Island. And the moment he reached his final destination, Connor immediately fell onto the ground. 

Funnily enough, they decided to celebrate the end of the Cyclethon in a McDonalds of all places. And it was in the McDonalds, where they got his order wrong, Connor broke $550k. 

A donator, by the name of C U M, donated the remaining $3000 needed to break the goal. Which they all immediately celebrated C U M’s amazing contribution. Dubbing it The Legend of C U M.

Needless to say, CDawgVA has once again smashed another charity goal, all done with another trip around Japan.

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