MrBeast explains why he doesn’t care about making money from YouTube

Shay Robson
MrBeast standing next to images from Squid Game and Team Seas

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has finally explained why he doesn’t care all that much about having money despite his massive success.

Recently surpassing 100M subscribers, MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world.

Known for his wacky viral videos – such as his recreation of the hit TV show Squid Game – they can sometimes cost him millions of dollars to produce.

While it’s certainly worth it for the YouTube star, with him receiving hundreds of millions of views a month in return, he’s explained why he’s completely unphased about how much money he has.

MrBeast gives away private island to celebrate 100 m subscriber milestone
MrBeast previously gave away an entire tropical island to celebrate reaching 100 million YouTube subscribers.

During a recent episode of the My First Million podcast, MrBeast sat down to talk about what it really takes to become the king of YouTube. Of course, with him giving millions away in almost every video, the topic of money came into the conversation.

“Money is cool, but you know I live in my studio, I don’t have a mansion, I don’t drive a Lamborghini or whatever,” MrBeast said. “I like money because I can hire more people and grow my business but not so like I can increase my lifestyle or whatever.

“I prefer to say I like winning,” he added. “It kinda encapsulates it a bit more because if you just like you know talk about money then people just think you want to buy expensive stuff.”

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Now that he’s passed 100M subscribers, MrBeast is looking to expand the business even further.

Following the huge milestone, the YouTuber put out a message to fans begging for their help and invited them to apply for a job if they’ve got relevant experience.

Going forward, MrBeast also has the ambitious idea to expand his content in even more languages, with the ultimate goal of hitting one billion followers one day.

He’s certainly on the right track to achieving his goals if he continues to keep up the pace.