IRL Twitch streamer CdawgVA actually touches grass after cycling accident

Lawrence Scotti
cdawgvaYouTube: CDawgVA

Twitch streamer CdawgVA fell off of his bike during an IRL charity stream that caused him to actually touch grass.

Telling a Twitch streamer to go “touch grass” is the oldest insult in the book in the streaming space.

While the phrase is typically hurled at streamers and gamers who tend to stay inside all day rather than go outside and interact with nature, one streamer took things to the next level and not only touched grass, he hurled himself into it at high speeds, all in the name of charity.

Twitch streamer touches grass at Mach speeds

Popular streamer and voice actor CDawgVA was live streaming a cycle for a charity event on August 29 when he took a tumble off his bike.

The event, which took place in Japan, requires the voice actor to ride over 500 miles all for charity. After losing his grip on the handle of the bike he slipped off the road onto a patch of grass on the side and yelled, “Oh my God, what the f*ck was that?!”

The clip of him touching grass went viral instantly getting over 120,000 views in just two days.

Luckily, CDawg wasn’t harmed at all from the fall and got right back up on his bike and continued both the journey and the stream.

Although the charity biking stream didn’t require him to fall off his bike for comedic purposes, it ended up bringing in more viewers than he could’ve imagined.