Twitch streamer carjacked at gunpoint gets banned “indefinitely” [UPDATED]

Brent Koepp


BeesOnMyHeadTV’s “indefinite” Twitch suspension was short lived, as he has now been unbanned on the platform.

Streaming service Twitch has banned ‘BeesOnMyHeadTV’ from its platform for the foreseeable future after he was carjacked and shot at during a live broadcast.

While in-real-life broadcasting is a popular category on streaming websites such as Twitch and YouTube, sometimes it also brings the harsh reminder that life stops for no-one and unexpected and unpredictable things can happen.

IRL streamer BeesOnMyHeadTV found this out the hard way during his livestream on September 14 after he was suddenly shot at and carjacked. Twitch suspended his account for the behaviour caught on camera, and has since informed the streamer that he won’t be getting it back any time soon.

Twitch banned the IRL streamer

On September 16, BeesOnMyHeadTV tweeted out a screenshot of an email he’d received from Twitch after his account was banned.

The email in question states that the platform had taken the decision to suspend the user and issue a Community Guidelines strike against him to “protect his privacy” due to an “on-screen emergency”.

Fans flooded his replies with comments, unhappy that the streamer had been banned for the foreseeable future for a situation that wasn’t his fault.

Another person argued against the streamer’s outrage, and said that Twitch made a logical decision in banning him, as it would forcefully remove the clip from its website.

“While it does suck that you got banned, Twitch did make the logical decision.” the user commented. “They don’t want a VOD going around on their site showing some maniac firing a gun off.”

“Surely they could have accomplished this without the strike?” a fan replied, questioning why the platform would suspend the IRL streamer instead of simply removing the video.

BeesOnMyHeadTV might be able to return to Twitch if he contests his ban with the streaming service, as it’s been known to lift “indefinite” suspensions in the past.

Dexerto will update the article if any further developments regarding the situation occur.

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