Dr Disrespect reacts to xQc’s ‘two-time’ Minecraft Monday victory

Bill Cooney

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘Minecraft Monday win in a row and fellow streamer Dr. Disrespect responded to them becoming fellow ‘two-time’ champs. 

After emerging victorious in Week 12 of the competition, xQc and m0xxy came back to take first place in Minecraft Monday on September 16 for the second week in a row.

Week 12 was a tough fight for the duo, and the most recent competition was no different – but with some grit and determination, the team managed to pull it off.

A new “Two-Time” champ

After he discovered his team at the top of the week 13 leaderboard, xQc proudly proclaimed m0xxy and himself as the “back-to-back Blockbuster Minecraft Monday winners,” with a dab thrown in for good measure.

“Two-timer boys, champion, EZ,” the streamer told his fans, who were plenty excited about the feat as well.

xQc also threw in a message for his doubters and haters, who said there was no way the streamer could pull off the win two weeks in a row.

“Oh my god dude, they can all suck my nuts dude,” Felix told his viewers. “All the bitches in chat complaining ‘oh throwing, oh this, oh that, oh so slow,’ how does it feel now? They were not part of the training. How does it feel at home, in your dogshit chair? You’re sulking now.”

Word spread quickly of m0xxy and xQc’s epic win and it wasn’t long before the original two-time, Dr. Disrespect, caught wind of their accomplishment.

One would think that Doc might be upset about xQc taking his two-time moniker, but the streamer seemed surprisingly pleased at the shoutout.

“xQc, the back-to-back Minecraft Champion,” Doc said with an approving chuckle, before heading back to Gears of War 5.

Claiming to be the two-time Blockbuster video game world champion has been one of Doc’s shticks for awhile now, so it’s good to see he’s apparently willing to let the duo into the club.

xQc and m0xxy definitely employed plenty of violence, speed and momentum in their win – but it remains to be seen if Dr. Disrespect will bestow upon them the ultimate two-time reward: a nice, firm handshake.

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