Streamer shot at and carjacked during Twitch IRL stream

Unsplash/Twitter: JonnyZetaTV

Twitch viewers were left stunned after witnessing IRL broadcaster BeesOnMyHeadTV being shot at and having his car stolen live on stream.

When it comes to Twitch, streamers don’t solely have to play games or talk to their viewers like a chat show to have a successful channel. BeesOnMyHeadTV, who has racked up a few thousand subscribers by broadcasting his adventures in his car, is proof of that.

However, the streamer was left in a terribly dangerous situation on-stream as he was riding around with friends and showing off his car to others.

Twitter: JonnyZetaTV Viewers can usually see BeesOnMyHeadTV driving his car or playing games on-stream.

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During his September 14 stream, he had stopped riding around in his car and stopped in a parking lot when he noticed a car approaching in the distance. The streamer got out of his car to investigate, muttering “what the f**k,” as a man jumped out the door.

The man who appeared from the random white car began firing shots away from the streamer, prompting him to run and throw his camera to the ground. As the stream turned into an audio-only broadcast, the screams of a woman could be heard before the revving of an engine.

As the streamer had apparently not been physically harmed or hit by any of the shots, someone was able to move his camera and end the stream – seemingly assuring viewers of their safety. With him offline, many went back through the VOD to see if they could dig up any details or screenshots of the incident that might help identify anyone involved.

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However, in doing so, they were able to find a clip from a few moments before the crazy interaction where BeesOnMyHeadTV seemingly drove past the same car and was heckled with a “what the f* are you looking at.”

However, fans of the streamer might not get a full answer on what went down for a while as his channel now appears to be suspended – likely for the insane incident that unfolded during the stream.

BeesOnMyHeadTV informed everyone that he is ok following the incident in a tweet to his fans.

“I’m ok,” he said. “Everyone is ok.”

It’s a tough situation to be in but at least it seems like he was able to come out of it alright in the end.

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