Twitch streamer breaks tooth live after microphone goes rogue

MissAtmosphere1, Twitch

An unlucky Twitch streamer received a fair bit of dental damage after being hit in the mouth by a microphone during a live broadcast — resulting in a gnarly injury that shocked viewers.

As one of the net’s most popular live streaming platforms, Twitch is known for capturing a fair bit of unexpected moments as they happen in real time, especially when more than one person is involved.

Broadcaster “MissAtmosphere1” unintentionally added to Twitch’s never-ending log of shocking clips during an April 16 stream, where she was playing Valorant before a visitor joined her on camera.

melina.arts, Instagram
Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and graphic designer Melina Ghossen suffered an unfortunate accident on camera, thanks to a rogue microphone.

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FaZe Clan content creator “FaZe Dirty” took over the mic to relay an important message to MissAtmosphere before yanking the device out of its stand, effectively muting any audio outside of the game.

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Noticing this, MissAtmosphere reached for the mic — but FaZe Dirty accidentally hit her front tooth with the device, cleanly breaking off a portion of the bone.

The streamer immediately turned to the camera to get a better look at the damage, showing that a part of her left front tooth was clearly missing, opening her mouth in shock at the damage.

MissAtmosphere1, Twitch
MissAtmosphere gave the camera a good look at her chipped tooth.

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Clearly stunned by the accident, she sat down in her chair, spitting out the broken part of her tooth into her hand before ending the broadcast.

Luckily, it didn’t seem like she was too out of sorts, as evidenced by the lighthearted Tweets she posted after the incident went down.

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“CHOPPED MY TOOTH LIVE LETS GO,” she captioned a clip of the ordeal, going on to “thank” FaZe Dirty for his efforts in her new cosmetic makeover.

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However, it looks like the streamer was visiting America from Canada, and was also worried about the potential cost of an emergency fix for her teeth due to the current global situation.

“I’ve been crying for hours,” she Tweeted. “…I’m not even in my country, got free health care in Canada for the meds and stuff, but I can’t even go back. This sucks.”

For now, it looks like Atmosphere will have to deal with looking a bit roughed up, after undergoing a shocking accident in front of the entire world.

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