Twitch streamer’s Animal Crossing “proposal” ends in heartbreak

Published: 16/Apr/2020 20:36 Updated: 17/Apr/2020 0:11

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer ‘jenwaaa’ attempted to “propose” to her boyfriend in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the potentially magical moment ended in a less-than-romantic conclusion.

The streamer explained that a viewer gave her a ring in the game, which she decided to use to surprise her boyfriend, fellow streamer ‘enigma’, when he walked into the room during a broadcast.

Jenwaaa’s plan was very simple: show off her romantic zen garden to her boyfriend and present him with the ring.

The streamer’s “proposal” is a running gag.

“I mean, just wow,” she said when revealing her master plan. “You know it’s a beautiful ring. It’s gorgeous.”

A few moments later, it finally came time for the moment the streamer had planned. After getting her boyfriend’s attention, she called him over to her setup to show him something.

At first, he was impressed with the sunset in the game and thought she just wanted to showcase New Horizons’ graphics, but that wasn’t it, at all.

“You ready?” she asked.

“Yes, hurry up,” he responded, apparently eager to get back to his own activities.

“I’ve got something special to show you,” she explained, leading him to the zen garden. Then, she shocked him by opening up the ring box, exposing the diamond she was given by a fan.

“Okay, dude,” he laughed, doing a 180 and bolting out of the room. “Okay!”

While the streamer looked sad and appeared to shut her stream off shortly thereafter, she told Dexerto that it was a bit of an inside joke between her viewers and her boyfriend.

As it turns out, the streamer always jokes about proposing to her boyfriend, so after one of her viewers gave her a ring, she decided it would be a perfect joke.

That said, if her boyfriend had of said ‘yes,’ it would have been another story.

“I would have been like ‘Cool, let’s do it. Let’s talk about that,’” she laughed.

Although the two didn’t end up tying the knot this time, it would certainly make for a cool moment if streamer and her boyfriend do eventually decide to get married during a live broadcast.


Animal Crossing player creates perfect Pokemon Center in New Horizons

Published: 6/Jan/2021 1:02

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player made waves on social media after faithfully recreating a Pokemon Center in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing’s latest outing, New Horizons, was the breakout hit of 2020. Since its debut in March, the lovable Nintendo title has taken over social media as players around the world share their unique creations.

One Pokemon fan used the the game’s new editing tools to accurately build a Pokecenter in the social simulation title. Their stunning recreation of the iconic RPG location is one of the best things you will see all week.

Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
New Horizons’ features let players create their wildest dreams.

Pokemon fan creates Pokemon Center in Animal Crossing

Originally releasing on the GameCube in 2001, Animal Crossing has become a juggernaut for Nintendo. Its latest release, New Horizons, has given players an unprecedented amount of freedom to shape their island to their wildest imaginations.

Using the new game mechanics, a Pokemon fan set out to recreate what is perhaps the most iconic location in the Game Freak RPG – a Pokecenter. Artist ‘acnh.pokeland‘ shared their incredible project on the r/AnimalCrossing and r/Pokemon subreddits on January 5. “Pokéland is now opened!! 1st section: The Pokémon Center!!” they wrote.

The image shows the user’s Animal Crossing avatar adorably posing in Nurse Joy’s signature medical uniform. The artist creatively used various New Horizons items to bring the location to life, such as a pink shirt behind the counter featuring a Blissey design, and round hats patterned to look like Pokeballs.

animal crossing pokemon center
Reddit: u/ACQueen48
ACQueen48 created the Pokemon Center in New Horizons.

Pokemon fans praised the creator’s work, such as one user who exclaimed, “This is so cool!!! You did an amazing job on these.” Another player agreed and wrote, “Wow! I heard the music in my head as soon as I saw the pic! Great Job!”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to Animal Crossing Pokemon Center.

Incredibly this isn’t the only location the talented fan has created in New Horizons. Over on their Instagram account, they showed off images of their Poke-Mart as well. Longtime players of the RPG will remember the in-game store used to be a separate building up until Gen IV.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon fans have gotten creative in the Switch title. In May, one Animal Crossing user recreated battle Stadiums from the RPG. Players in July also used the custom Fireworks feature to light up the sky with popular ‘mon.

Despite releasing only at the beginning of 2020, New Horizons is already the second highest-selling game in Japan of all time. The social simulation title has sparked the imaginations of millions – including many creative Pokefans.