Twitch streamer banned for “sexually suggestive” Among Us chat message

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch bans among us chat message

Twitch streamer ‘wantep’ was banned from the platform on December 21 after he decided to post a sexualized chat message featuring an Among Us character.

It’s not uncommon to see some strange Twitch bans as it pertains to emotes and art. Over the years, many streamers’ emotes have been banned for sexual content, as the Amazon-owned site reviews and evaluates user-created art.

However, for streamer wantep, his art wasn’t in the form of an emote, but rather the classic original ASCII text, in which users use standard characters and letters to create word art.

Unfortunately, wantep may have gone too far when he erected his latest creation in Twitch chat.

Streamer banned for Among Us chat message

On December 21, the automated Twitter account Streamer Bans let the world know that wantep had been suspended, prompting the user to explain what had happened.

In the comments, the streamer posted his work of art for the world to see, consisting of an Among Us character with “something” sus emerging from their body.

While the art can be interpreted in a number of ways, wantep made it clear that his ASCII masterpiece was in fact supposed to be male genitalia.

Twitch’s email to the streamer, which he also posted, cites “sexually suggestive conduct” as the reason for the ban and noted that sexual “drawn or sculptured” art can warrant discipline. It’s unclear, however, if this was posted on his or someone else’s channel.

In any case, the ban will last for three days, and so far the streamer has made no indication that he plans to appeal the suspension.