Twitch streamer banned after drawing the Prophet Muhammad on stream

Michael Gwilliam
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A Twitch streamer has been banned for drawing a nude picture of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad following the decision to allow more sexual content on the platform.

Twitch’s decision to allow streamers to broadcast more sexual content for “artistic” purposes has seen mixed results, with some praising the new approach, while others think it goes too far.

A day after the Amazon-owned platform implemented the changes, following the rise of the new “topless” meta, the Art section on the site became overrun by explicit furry and anime drawings.

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Amid the chaos, one streamer, known as ‘KennyAnimated,’ began drawing a picture of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad – only to have his account banned after completing the image.

Twitch bans streamer for drawing the Prophet Muhammad

Depicting Muhammad in any capacity has been very controversial, as visual depictions of the Prophet are prohibited in the Islamic faith.

Throughout the years, free speech activists haven’t shied away from challenging the notion that they shouldn’t show Muhammad by hosting drawing contests or depicting him in media.

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For instance, one of South Park’s banned episodes, Super Best Friends, depicts Muhammad as part of a religious superhero team with Moses, Buddha, Jesus and others. The episode resulted in numerous death threats against the creators and it is no longer available on streaming platforms.

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Twitch’s art category has become filled with sexual anime and furry content.

On December 13, the same day Twitch decided to allow “artistic nudity” on the platform, KennyAnimated decided to draw a naked picture of Muhammad on stream performing a very explicit action.

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Shortly after finishing the drawing, a clip from the broadcast went viral on Reddit, and Kenny was banned on Twitch – though it’s unclear if the reason was due to drawing Muhammad or due to what was happening in the picture.

With Twitch’s new policies, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about what is and isn’t allowed, so be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest in the streaming and entertainment world.

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