Twitch’s Art category overrun by explicit furry and anime content amid new rules

Michael Gwilliam
twitch taken over by sexual artTwitch/Marina

Twitch’s new sexual content guidelines have ushered in a tsunami of explicit furry and anime art, leaving the community on edge.

Amid the new “topless” Twitch meta, the Amazon-owned platform shocked the streaming world by unveiling a revamp to its community guidelines, allowing nudity for “art” purposes.

Now, “artistic nudity” is allowed on the site, as long as the streamer has the correct label for the content and it didn’t take long for creators to take advantage of the rule changes.

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In just hours, Twitch’s Art section was flooded with nude art and it’s absolutely wild to see while browsing the category.

Nude art skyrockets on Twitch after new sexual content rules

All across the Art category, streamers began drawing anime and furry content, using the new rules to create things that would have resulted in a ban under the old system.

Countless topless anime characters and explicit anthropomorphic images can be seen just by browsing the category, making it difficult to find content that isn’t for mature audiences. What’s more, the content isn’t remotely blurred, leaving nudity plain to see even when browsing the category.

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Users on X were quite overwhelmed by the sudden change in rules with many voicing their concerns.

twitch art category blurredTwitch
Twitch’s art category has become filled with sexual anime and furry content.

“Twitch be doing anything but making it a gaming platform,” one user sarcastically remarked.

“This is what happens when you don’t have a coherent set of principles guiding rule creation and instead reactively change the rules in response to singular cases/events to fit the desired outcome for that particular instance,” someone else criticized.

xQc also took issue with the site’s ongoing gambling ban while deciding to allow nude content on the platform.

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So far, Twitch has yet to address the flood of new content, but be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest in the streaming world.

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