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Twitch streamer Artosis loses it over hysterical unban request

Published: 18/Dec/2021 11:50

by Sam Comrie


Esports commentator and Twitch streamer Artosis was left in a side-splitting frenzy, after encountering one of the most bizarre unban requests yet on the platform. 

Cutting his teeth in the world of Starcraft, Daniel ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski and co-caster Nicholas ‘Tasteless’ Plott have seen their fair share of wild esports events and riotous streaming adventures.

And while Artosis’s career as an Esports commentator has let him bear witness to incredible feats, this oddball Twitch hiccup will surely be on his mind for quite some time.

StarCraft II gameplay
Artosis is a regular Starcraft II commentator, which continues to be a popular title in the Esports world.

Absurd request leaves Artosis dumbfounded

During his December 18 stream, Artosis was reviewing some of the banning decisions made by his stream moderators. While some were fairly standard, there was one unban request from Twitch viewer MolBioBoi that particularly tickled Artosis.


“But why am I banned?” Artosis repeated as he examined the request. “Let’s take a look,” he said, before scrolling down to the culprit of his expulsion: a pixelated penis.

Overwhelmed by the surprise of this 2D rendering, Artosis couldn’t help but be consumed by the hilarity of the moment. “I’ve never seen that one before!” he said through his building fits of laughter.

Composing himself to properly review the unban request, MolBioBoi’s next comment only added to the hysterical situation: “In all honesty, I would abuse Artosis if I ran into him in a lobby.”


“Okay guys, what do we do? You want him unbanned?” Artosis asked his viewers. Siding with viewers, in the end, Artosis responded: “No idea, Mod was totally out of line according to the chat vote. Welcome back.”

While streamers like Pokimane have seen some pretty strange unban requests in the past, this one is definitely interesting.