Pokimane stunned by “perfect unban request” from apologetic Twitch fan

Pokimane dares MizkifYouTube: Pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane is no stranger to the occasional odd unban request — but one fan’s plea for forgiveness had her dying of laughter because of how wholesome it was.

Pokimane, like many other broadcasters on Twitch, has made a fairly hilarious series out of sharing her unban requests with her 8.3 million viewers.

On Twitch, moderators can ban unruly fans from talking in streamers’ chats, which the banned fans can appeal by requesting an unban. Usually, the banned viewer will explain the circumstances that lead to their time-out — sometimes due to a misunderstanding, or, more often, because they were acting out.

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Many of these requests can be quite hilarious and downright outrageous. Pokimane has shared quite a few of these on her YouTube channel, the latest of which featured a surprisingly wholesome unban request from a fan who’d sent a not-so-wholesome message during one of her Minecraft streams.

Pokimane earnings cappedInstagram: Pokimane
Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most-watched female broadcasters – but fame comes with its caveats, one of those being some unruly Twitch chatters.

The phrase that had gotten the viewer banned was: “BL*W ME.” At first glance, this message seemed like a crude and inappropriate phrase to send to Pokimane — but their appeal put the whole situation into perspective.

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According to the fan, Pokimane had been streaming a Minecraft session when a monster started chasing her up a building. Apparently, Poki had said something to the effect of, “Oh my god, it’s below me” — but it didn’t exactly sound like that, at least to the viewer.

“When she said it, in 0.5 seconds I said, ‘BL*W ME LUL’ because it sounded funny,” they explained in their unban appeal. “As you can see from my previous chat logs, I’m very much a mindless Twitch chatter. This is my first offense! I was not trying to make advances toward Pokimane. I apologize for how it came across.”

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Pokimane shares unban requestsYouTube: Pokimane
The banned Twitch viewer’s past chat logs seemed to point toward a more wholesome viewer – aside from the message that got him banned.

Luckily for the viewer, Pokimane found the entire situation to be nothing short of hilarious and granted him an unban, as well as a round of applause.

“This is the most perfect, beautiful, eloquent, and sweet unban request I’ve ever received,” she wrote in her response to the matter. “I welcome you back into my chat with open arms.”

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This is far from the funniest unban request Pokimane has gotten, as there’s an entire treasure trove of ridiculous moments from her unruly Twitch viewers in the archives.

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