Twitch star Amouranth reveals why she’s posting less “ass” on social media

. 5 months ago
twitch star amouranth
Twitter: @Amouranth

Amouranth’s Twitch stardom and social media popularity has come, in part, thanks to some… scandalous content. Now, she’s explained why she hasn’t been posting quite as much of that imagery on Twitter.

In recent days, it was revealed that Envy Gaming creator Andrea Botez muted her friend Amouranth on Twitter. As she explained, while wanting to support her peer, she simply didn’t want strangers seeing “butts and boobs” on her feed while out in public.

Although Amouranth is popular for luxurious gifts to her assistant and shrewd business investments, it’s no secret that scantily clad content is a big part of her brand. She’s one of PlayBoy’s launch Centerfold creators and has received so many Twitch bans that some fans think she’s getting them on purpose.

So, Amouranth doesn’t fault Botez for being a little cautious about opening her content in public. In response, she admitted that it makes sense, but also revealed that she’s actually toned down the heat recently.

Amouranth explains why she’s posting less “ass” on Twitter

Reacting to Dexerto’s article about the situation, Amouranth said that Botez’s decision to mute her “is fair.” Jokingly, she also poked at her friend in classical Roman fashion: “et tu, Andrea?”

Going further, though, the streamer and content creator revealed that she has recently decided to be… less revealing in her posts. Specifically, Amouranth shared a comforting message for those worried to see her content in public: “I don’t post as much ass anymore to avoid being shadow banned.”

Amouranth now censoring herself to avoid Twitter shadowbans

Back in December 2021, Amouranth revealed that she had been shadowbanned on Instagram and Twitter. At the time, she tweeted Twitter support to ask for her accounts to be brought back from the depths of quiet censorship.

Since then, she seems to be taking it upon herself to avoid a shadowban by cooling off the content she shares. At the moment, that decrease in temperature seems to have saved her from Twitter’s wrath, but it remains unclear if it’s been enough for Botez to un-mute.

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