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Twitch Rewind 2018 – Unofficial compilation of the best (and worst) of Twitch

Published: 26/Dec/2018 12:29 Updated: 26/Dec/2018 18:52

by Calum Patterson


2018’s YouTube Rewind is currently the most disliked video ever on the platform, but unofficial ‘Twitch Rewind’ videos have been received much better, recalling the classic moments from the last 12 months on the biggest streaming platform.

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Twitch has continued its impressive growth in 2018, breaking the concurrent viewership record for both an official event (ELEAGUE Boston CS:GO Major peaked at over 1 million concurrent), and for an individual stream, when Ninja streamed with Drake and then later beat his own record with a Las Vegas Fortnite tournament, peaking at over 667,000 concurrent.

The number of people streaming is also increasing rapidly, with more than 3 million monthly broadcasters (up almost 1 million over 2017), streaming mostly games, but also IRL (in real life) content too – almost half a million go live every day.


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The first Twitch Rewind comes from ‘LiveStreamFails’ on YouTube, and includes some of the biggest moments in esports, all the way down to the simplest funny clips and fails from small streamers over 2018.

Classic moments include when a streamer proposed to his partner while live, impressive PUBG clips from shroud, and the incredible Rocket League winning shot.

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Another popular Twitch Rewind focuses more on the platform’s big names and some of their most recognizable moments of the year.

The likes of xQc, Tyler1, Summit1g and more all feature, with some of their highs and lows over the year.