Twitch partner banned for calling another streamer a “fat ugly bitch”

Connor Bennett

Twitch partner iNSUPERABLE has been suspended from the platform for calling another streamer fat and ugly. He responded claiming it was ‘blackmail.’

Twitch streamers have, for the longest time, be commenting on others and their content. Some of them have a legitimate beef with other streamers, while others just make passing comments on content that they aren’t the biggest fans of.

Just Chatting is the category that comes under the microscope the most, especially when it comes to streamers who toe the line of the Twitch guidelines due to the clothes wear, how they act on stream, as well as other things.

On May 21, Twitch streamer itsrachryan and her friend were hosting a Just Chatting stream where, if a certain amount of subs was donated, they’d write the gifter’s username on their face or body.

Twitch streamers like ItsRachRyan take donations to write usernames on them.

The stream caught the attention of fellow streamer iNSUPERABLE, who roasted the streamers involved.

“If I saw the girl on the left dude, in a bar in Montreal, I would definitely skip on that s**t,” he said. “The girl on the right dude, we can talk about it dude. The girl on the left dude, she’s like the fat, ugly wing girl. You know like when you tell your chick, hey if you come to my party, bring your friend right, and she comes to the party, and that’s the friend she brings.”

The clip and comments made their way back to the two female streamers, with itsrachryan sharing it out and calling for Twitch to act.

“This partnered streamer came into my friend’s chat last night being more than just disrespectful and using our streams for his own content. People like this shouldn’t have a platform on Twitch or anywhere,” she said.

Plenty of other streamers joined in her calls for punishment, tagging different Twitch Support accounts in the hopes of a response.

iNSUPERABLE ultimately responded to the situation with a lengthy Twitlonger, stating that the girls had demanded money in return for them not reporting him to Twitch.

“She kept going at me and roasting me and trying to shame me for what I said above and at some point, I got fed up and ended up calling her the words that I did.” he said. “I didn’t like how she was trying to ”blackmail” me into donating even tho I HAD donated.”

The streamer admitted that he wasn’t “in the right” in making the comments, but would accept any punishments that may come his way as a result.

On May 25, Insuperable’s Twitch channel was suspended. Twitch’s community guidelines state, “Creators are role models and leaders of the communities they create or foster around them. Creators should consider the consequences of their statements and actions of their audiences; sometimes unwanted focus or attention can encourage others to escalate their behavior into abuse. For example, broadcasting other Twitch streams and profiles while insulting these users often encourages others to also direct abuse to the target. Participating in this activity can, therefore, lead to suspension of your account.”

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