Twitch bodypainter allegedly lands in hospital after supergluing cap to her head - Dexerto

Twitch bodypainter allegedly lands in hospital after supergluing cap to her head

Published: 17/Feb/2019 23:23 Updated: 17/Feb/2019 23:41

by Virginia Glaze


Danish Twitch streamer and bodypainter ‘Sinterbell’ may have taken a trip to the emergency room, after using super glue to secure her wig cap during a broadcast.

Sinterbell, known for her provocative live streams and body painting art, encountered some difficulties during a February 16 broadcast due to her wig cap – which she had secured to her head using super glue.

A clip from Sinterbell’s stream shows the bodypainter struggling to remove the cap while crying out in pain.

The shenanigans don’t end there; according to commenters under the clip’s LiveStreamFails post, the superglue ended up damaging Sinterbell’s skin with a painful chemical burn, causing her to take a trip to the emergency room.


Commenters likewise stated that Sinterbell removed all clips and VODs of the debacle, which appears to be true, as the only clip of her superglue fail can be found on Streamable – a popular alternative to Twitch clips.

Commenters claimed that the streamer took a trip to the ER thanks to her superglue accident.

While she violated no terms of service on the platform, Twitch’s bodypainting community remains rife with drama, as more than a few female streamers have faced backlash for their broadcasts.

Popular streamer AriaNina was banned from the site after beginning a live stream nearly completely topless in early January 2019, while streamer ZombiUnicorn faced mass criticism for what was deemed a “revealing” interpretation of ‘Scooby Doo’s’ Daphne in September 2018.


According to Twitch’s guidelines, bodypainting streams are completely acceptable – provided that they don’t contain “sexually suggestive content.”