Twitch bans streamer for ‘inappropriate name’ despite using it for 8 years

Andrew Amos
Piece_Of_Sheet on Twitch

Twitch has been heavy handed with the DMCA bans over the last couple of weeks, but one streamer has been taken off the platform for having an ‘inappropriate name’ ⁠— despite being active for over eight years with no issues.

The Twitch suspensions you usually see nowadays ⁠— especially from the big names ⁠— are for things like using inappropriate language, or being taken off the platform for playing DMCA-protected music.

Usually these suspensions are for a few days or a week, unless they’ve done it time and time again. However, imagine being on the platform for years under the same alias, with no problems whatsoever, and then getting banned indefinitely for your name.

Well, that’s what happened to one Twitch streamer. His name is ‘Piece_Of_Sheet’. He’s a League of Legends content creator who used to stream six days a week, and has done so for eight years.

However, he’s had that taken away from him, after Twitch considered his name to be inappropriate.

“I streamed on Twitch back in 2012 [and] been super active for eight years [with] no complaints from anyone but now get banned for an inappropriate name,” he said on Twitter after the ban was handed down.

Twitch claimed that “due to the severe nature of this violation, or the fact that [he’s] incurred multiple violations,” Piece_Of_Sheet needs an indefinite suspension.

The suspension will not be automatically lifted, and the only hope Piece_Of_Sheet has of getting his Twitch account back is a successful appeal.

Piece_Of_Sheet did admit he has been banned on stream before, but he also served out that suspension. “I fell asleep on stream once about seven years ago and got banned for that. The ban was then obviously lifted.”

Twitch are yet to comment on the suspension. However, we will let you know if any new information arises.

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