Trisha Paytas calls out H3H3 for ‘sending hate their way’ after Frenemies episode removal

Georgina Smith
trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein

YouTuber Trisha Paytas responded to Ethan and Hila Klein of H3H3 Productions after they removed an episode of the Frenemies podcast for claims Trisha made about a past teacher that “contradict available evidence.”

The Frenemies podcast began in September 2020, and saw YouTubers Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas work out their differences, talking about drama, and playing games every week.

The show ended in June 2021, however, after a dispute about income led to Trisha leaving the show behind for good. Since then, there has been ongoing tension between the creators online.

On September 11, Ethan revealed on Twitter that they would be unlisting an episode of the podcast in which Trisha “called out a teacher by name and accused him of molesting her during school.”

He explained: “Upon further review, these claims seem to contradict available evidence. Because of the nature of these claims, and the stress it’s causing to his family, I have decided to unlist the episode for now until Trisha can better illuminate the situation.”

Trisha Paytas responds

Shortly after, Trisha uploaded a video to Twitter in which they’re crying, and asking Ethan and Hila to stop talking about them. They went on to claim “it all starts from their subreddit,” reposting a screenshot of a post encouraging people to get into contact with Trisha’s sponsors.

Trisha then posted a number of screenshots from the Frenemies team group chat in which they’re “begging” them to never mention them again, and saying that their fiancé Moses, Hila’s brother, is being accused of rape. “I’m tired of living in fear every f**king day to see what hate they’re gonna send my way,” they wrote in another tweet.


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“Every single time you guys make jabs at me, the hate riles up,” they added. “Do you not see what is happening? I know you check the subreddit. I know you have control over these things. When you don’t talk about me, this stuff dies down. I am pleading with everything I have.”

Ethan went on to announce that they would be taking a week off the podcast, and went on to implore people to not harass anyone involved in the situation.

Debate about the feud continues to rage on social media, with each creator’s social media accounts being flooded with comments from both sides.