Brianna Chickenfry hits back at Trisha Paytas over “weird” OnlyFans drama

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Brianna Chickenfry is hitting back after Trisha Paytas brought up an incident from years ago where she was recorded laughing at Trish’s OnlyFans content.

Trisha Paytas is an OG YouTuber and OnlyFans creator who is making the rounds again thanks to her new podcast, ‘Just Trish.’

Although Trish has had feuds with a number of influencers over the course of her career as an internet icon, an incident from years ago is cropping up again after she mentioned it in a recent episode of her podcast.

During a September 5 episode of the pod, Trisha brought up an incident that had occurred in 2019, where BFFs co-host Brianna Chickenfry was recorded supposedly reacting to Trish’s OF content.

Trisha Paytas shot at by anonymous celebrity
Trisha Paytas is an OG YouTuber who’s bringing up an old feud in her new podcast.

Trisha Paytas calls out Barstool Sports over viral OnlyFans reaction video

In the video, Brianna was laughing, and the clip went viral online. “There was a video of Barstool Sports employees making fun of my OnlyFans,” she explained. “It was two girls and two guys. And I’m like, ‘You are so disgusting and sick and twisted.'”

“No matter what, no matter how much money I make… that’s me at my literal most vulnerable. …it’s so gross. You’re already putting yourself out there. You’re already making yourself so vulnerable. …I don’t know why people want to take my naked body and make fun of me.”

(Topic begins at 1:00:00)

Brianna Chickenfry hits back at Trisha Paytas after Barstool backlash

It looks like word got back to Brianna Chickenfry, who spoke out about the issue in a now-deleted TikTok video, calling the situation “weird.”

In the clip, Brianna clarified that she’d already been through this rigmarole before when it occurred in 2019, and claimed that she had no idea she was being recorded.

“She made up a whole story, pretended she didn’t know who I was. I bought her OnlyFans. Some guy at work came up to me behind my desk and started recording it and f*ckin’ posted it. Not her OnlyFans — of me watching it. At Barstool.”

“I didn’t know he was f*cking recording me,” she continued. “And that was that. I didn’t say anything in the video. She was doing a naked house tour, so it was funny. And it was trending, so that’s why I bought her OnlyFans.”

(Swipe right on the Instagram post below to view the now-deleted TikTok clip.)

That’s not all; Brianna says she’s still subscribed to Trisha’s OF to this day.

At the time of writing, Paytas hasn’t responded to Brianna’s latest video — but we’ll make sure to update you if she does right here on Dexerto.

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