Trisha Paytas credits TikTok for helping them come out as nonbinary

Trisha Paytas comes out nonbinaryYouTube: Trisha Paytas

YouTube star and “Frenemies” co-host Trisha Paytas has recently come out as nonbinary, giving credit to TikTok and Gen-Z for helping them to understand their gender.

Trisha Paytas is a widely popular presence in the social media sphere. Best known for their iconic videos crying on their kitchen floor and, more recently, as a co-host on Ethan Klein’s “Frenemies” podcast, Paytas has witnessed quite the transformation throughout their career as a YouTuber.

However, Paytas has most recently made headlines for a video uploaded on April 9, where they revealed that they’re nonbinary and genderfluid.

In the video, Paytas reflects on friend and fellow influencer Gigi Gorgeous’ own “coming out” journey, which — alongside Generation Z and TikTok — helped them to better understand their own gender and gain the courage to come out.


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“With ‘nonbinary’ — and I have to give credit to TikTok and Gen Zers — I finally… that feels like the perfect label for me, right?” they said.

Paytas also expressed immense gratitude and admiration for their fiancée, Moses Hacmon, for accepting their gender and referring to them as their preferred pronouns “based on what I was feeling that day, that week, that hour.”

“This is what I’ve been struggling with for so long, is for people to just accept that I’m all genders and no genders at once. The more I was researching nonbinary, I was like, ‘This is the label. This is who I am.'”

Thus far, Paytas has been met with an overwhelming amount of support from their fans — but their current spat with fellow influencer Nikita Dragun has brought up accusations of transphobia against them, due to a previous video they uploaded in 2019 where they came out as a trans man.

“That video was never meant to be offensive or a troll,” Paytas said of the video. “It came across as bad and wrong, and I didn’t know ‘non-binary’ back then. I really just thought, ‘I’m really a male.'”

As for what pronouns Paytas prefers, they revealed that for now, they prefer to go by “they/them.”

“A lot of the time, I’m a ‘they,’ in the sense that I don’t know… but I am a person, and it’s okay if I’m just a person. If I’m just a person that day. I don’t wanna be called ‘her,’ I don’t wanna be called ‘him’ on certain days.”