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Trainwrecks & xQc clash with Hasan and his fanbase on Twitter

Published: 8/Nov/2020 16:53

by Joe Craven


Three of Twitch’s biggest names – Hasan Piker, Trainwrecks and xQc – have butted heads on social media over a number of issues, with Train also criticizing Piker’s community of fans.

Hasan Piker has become the most-watched streamer on Twitch thanks to his coverage of the election. But, given the primary topic of his content, it’s bound to start contentious debates. On November 6, Piker was vocal on Twitter about the events unfolding.

xQc, in a promptly deleted tweet, called out Piker for ‘outdoing himself’ and criticizing him for “insulting people for their political views/beliefs regardless of background”. He followed his tweets up by saying: “Wishing or celebrating harm is never a good thing imo. Once you start doing it and justifying it, it becomes a slippery slope.”


Just a day later, Piker clashed with TrainwrecksTV. On November 7, a now-deleted Trainwrecks tweet caught the attention of Piker and his fans.

In the Tweet, Train mocked cancel culture and said that people “on Twitch/Twitter that are for the rehabilitation” of heinous criminals are “just grandstanding, because they’re the same ones requesting the NSA to release my Xbox Live logs so they can end my life with the F word I dropped in 2001.”

Reacting to the tweet on stream, Hasan commented: “There’s no f**king way that he’s talking about me, I hope. Because I literally defend him when people say he’s like transphobic or some sh*t”.


Fans of Hasan then began calling Train out. Later on November 7, Train Tweeted: “hey @hasanthehun brigade this, I like you as a person but holy f**k, your viewers & community are all f**king p**sies”.

Piker responded to say that his fans “let their voices be heard” when they hear something they take issue with. He used the example that he is on the receiving end of their criticism fairly frequently.

Train wasn’t done there, though, getting into arguments with a number of Hasan’s followers. To Piker, Train responded: “I’m cool with that, but when I text you at the creation of the tweet predicting that they would fabricate drama between us to try and involve you as their back up, you have to know at that point that you have some RATS nesting in your house”.


It appears Train texted Hasan when he made the original tweet to ensure it was taken lightly. Piker’s followers, though, seem to have taken it very seriously.

With one final Tweet, Train reiterated his criticisms of cancel culture, as well as stating his desire to avoid further drama.