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Hasan Piker becomes number 1 streamer on Twitch during US elections

Published: 7/Nov/2020 14:28

by Calum Patterson


Hasan Piker, known on Twitch as HasanAbi, has become the number one most-watched channel on the platform since the 2020 US Presidential Election began on November 3, crushing all other channels in the hours-watched metric.

Hasan, formerly of the Young Turks, has been growing steadily as a Twitch streamer for over a year, mixing gaming with political commentary, and even the odd IRL (in-real-life) broadcast.

His channel has become a hub for political content on Twitch, often inviting guests from both the streaming world and the political world onto his stream.

This reached a high-point when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) fired up her own Twitch channel, and appeared alongside Hasan, Pokimane and others for an Among Us session.

But, that was back in October, in the lead up to the election. Once election day hit, Hasan’s channel popularity reached new levels, with over 200,000 concurrent viewers tuning in at any time to get their updates – not through CNN or the New York Times, but from a single Twitch streamer.

And, because this particular election has dragged on for so long, as ballots are still being counted, it’s resulted in a week-long dominance of the platform for Hasan.

According to statistics from Sully Gnome, Hasan’s channel in the last seven days (Nov 1 – Nov 7) has accrued 6.8 million hours watched. That’s 800,000 more than second-place Gaules, and almost double the next most-watched English-speaking channel, xQc (3.5 million hours watched).

Most-watched Twitch streamers

Most-watched streamers on Twitch
Sully Gnome
Hasan is crushing other channels in the hours-watched metric.

There are other metrics to see here also, such as average viewers. On this, Hasan actually falls to thirteenth – although it should be noted that a number of accounts higher than him are due to botted view counts on channels that have since been banned by Twitch. Discounting these channels, he comes in at 7th overall, and third if only counting English-speaking channels.

xQc, Tyler1 and shroud follow as the next most-watched English-speaking channels, notwithstanding Riot Games, which of course is not an individual streamer but the main account for the League of Legends World Championship stream.

It’s almost certain that Hasan’s viewership will drop somewhat after the madness of the election is over, but for now, he continues to ride the wave, and the longer the vote-counting takes, the better for his stats – if not his patience.

You can catch Hasan streaming on his channel daily.


xQc explains why his 7-day Twitch ban was actually a good thing

Published: 25/Nov/2020 23:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel finally returned to streaming after receiving a massive seven-day ban for his role in a Fall Guys Twitch Rivals stream sniping controversy. However, according to the French Canadian, the ban was actually good for him.

xQc’s return to Twitch was met with some huge numbers, with over 100,000 viewers packed into his chat.

With such a massive audience, Lengyel explained how, while he expected to be criticized for his actions, he was shocked at how some folks didn’t want him to improve or get better.

“Seeing people not wanting you to move or not wanting you to go past the hurdles, it’s almost like they’re living through you,” he explained. “There’s a lot of them.”

xQc's Twitch viewers upon his return
xQc’s return stream was pulling in huge numbers.

According to the former Overwatch League pro, even after he apologized for his actions, some people were still attacking him for silly reasons.

“‘Oh no, not good enough of an apology, I hope you get perma-banned,’” he paraphrased of his haters. “I hope nobody gets perma-banned and there are people I really dislike in the content creator space, and I wouldn’t want them to get perma-banned.”

His reasoning for this is because he believes people can come back and do better. But he also addressed people claiming that Twitch was using him as an example.

“I don’t think bigger streamers get preferential treatment. And I think that was a good showcase of it,” he added. “I think, out of all the other instances, I think that was a good showcase of me not getting preferential treatment. If anything, I got the full juicer. Seven-day whole thing and I got clapped.”

Twitch has often been accused of giving some larger streamers better treatment than others on the platform, so this was a refreshing revelation from the Laval-born Lengyel.

“Even if, let’s say, I was being used as an example, and they put me out there as an example of doing a bad thing, that’s fine,” he continued. “That’s fine because when we come back, I can also be an example of doing better.”

Hopefully, xQc can make good on this challenge to himself and actually become better, just as suggested.