Trainwreck responds after Kick streamer gets logo tattoo on arm

Kick chat moderationTwitter: Kickcrayon/Kick

A streamer on Kick recently live-streamed himself getting the platform’s logo tattooed on his arm, and co-founder Trainwreck was quick to respond.

First launched in late 2022 by TrainwrecksTV and’s Ed Craven, streaming platform Kick has gained mass popularity.

Largely thanks to its familiar layout and 95% sub-revenue split for streamers, those tired of Twitch’s sub-revenue split have flocked to the site in droves.

The popularity is growing so much that Kick streamer Crayon went as far as getting a tattoo of the platform’s logo on his arm.

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Kick streamer gets logo tattooed on arm

On March 30, 2023, the Kick streamer posted on his Twitter account that he was about to begin live-streaming himself getting the platform’s logo tattooed on his arm.

Just a few hours later, Crayon posted the picture showing off the final product.

“Kick history was made today, the first-ever Kick tattoo. Ya boy Crayon claims this title,” he said.

Soon after, Kick co-founder Trainwreck gave his thoughts on Crayon actually going through with getting a Kick tattoo.

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“You wild for this,” he said alongside a laughing emoji.

However, users who have come across the tweet have had a variety of thoughts about the streamer’s new tattoo.

“I would never do that,” one said.

Another replied: “I will not do that, even if they give me millions.”

While others showed their support for Crayon’s new tattoo. “This sh*t is wild bro lol, Respect,” someone else commented.

On top of increasing sub revenue for creators, Kick has been signing some of Twitch’s top streamers like Chess Grandmaster Hikaru.

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