Trainwreck promises Asmongold Kick deal if Twitch “overlooks” streaming star

Shay Robson
Trainwrecks and Asmongold with logo

Trainwrecks has promised Asmongold a deal with Kick if the Amazon-owned platform doesn’t lock down the Twitch star with a good contract.

With some of Twitch’s biggest creators signing exclusive deals with the platform, in the last couple of months, Kick has gained massive popularity in the streaming world.

Meanwhile, Twitch has seen almost a 10% decline in both average viewership and hours watched in the last year.

However, the Amazon-owned platform is at risk of losing even more creators, as Kick co-owner Trainwreck is looking at signing Asmongold if Twitch doesn’t give the streaming veteran what’s deserved.

Trainwrecks looks to sign Asmongold to Kick

In a March 10 tweet, Train shared a screenshot of a Kick streamer’s revenue page, showing them earning over $16k while only having close to 3,500 subscribers.

On Twitch, however, a streamer would only typically earn $8,750 for the same amount of subscribers, leaving Asmongold impressed. “That’s a lot more than other websites in the livestreaming space,” he said.

In response, Trainwrecks showed interest in signing the OTK co-founder, promising him a deal he deserves if Twitch doesn’t.

“If Twitch doesn’t lock you down with something nice, like you deserve. I swear to aman’thul, that I will,” he replied.

Trainwrecks further showed his appreciation for Asmongold after a fan noted how the Twitch star doesn’t really care about money.

“Switching wouldn’t be because of money, it would be because he is one of the titans of industry that the industry titans themselves have failed & overlooked. The money would just be the principle and a reflection of him being one of the foundational pillars of the entire space.”

So far, we’ve seen the likes of Adin Ross make the jump to the platform — claiming he signed the “biggest streaming deal of any creator” after his permanent Twitch ban.

Furthermore, Sodapoppin is among many looking at securing his deal with Kick, who said he’d make the move if he was offered $1,000,000.

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