Trainwreck slams Twitch for “pure greed” over 70/30 sub-split loophole

Connor Bennett
trainwreck on twitch policy

Trainwreck has branded Twitch’s new changes on 70/30 revenue splits with streamers as “pure greed” seeing as Kick still offers 95/5 to all. 

Over the last few months, Kick has tried to make inroads and challenge Twitch’s dominance as the internet’s go-to livestreaming platform. The Stake-backed platform has already managed to nab a couple of big names away from Twitch, and there have been rumors about even more following suit. Though, they haven’t materialized just yet. 

As Twitch has come under fire in recent days for changes they’ve made – especially in regards to branded content, which the Amazon-owned platform had to back down on – Kick has looked a viable option to those wanting to make a change. 

Twitch has since launched its Partner Plus program, giving some streamers a 70/30 split on their sub revenue instead of the stand 50/50. Though, it comes with a pretty big catch – you need at least 350 paid subs, not gifted, per month and it’ll only be paid out until you reach $100k in revenue.

Trainwreck responds to Twitch’s 70/30 sub split in Partner Plus program

While some streamers are happy about the change, others have labeled the changes as “unobtainable” to those trying to rise up the ranks. 

Trainwreck, who has been at the forefront of Kick’s rise, has also suggested it is just “pure greed” and “posturing” on Twitch’s part. 

“To reiterate & paraphrase, gifted subs & prime subs don’t count toward streamers qualifying for the program, but gifted subs count when it comes to the 100K threshold that pushes people back down to 50/50 – that’s just pure greed & obvious that this is nothing but posturing,” he tweeted in response. 

Kick has been pretty on the ball when it comes to responding to Twitch’s drama as well. They thanked the Amazon-owned platform for giving them an influx of new sign-ups in the wake of the branded content controversy. They also reiterated their 95/5 split following this change too.

It remains to be seen if Twitch will make any further changes to their Partner Plus program, but its clear some aren’t sure about it.

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