Trainwreck calls out banned Kick streamer for broadcasting Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury audio

Trainwreck wearing white hoodie on streamTwitch: TrainwrecksTV

Trainwreck called out a Kick streamer after they complained about getting banned from the platform for broadcasting audio from the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury boxing match.

On their third attempt to step into the ring together, Tommy Fury ended up taking home the win against Jake Paul on February 26, 2023.

Fans of the two boxers across the internet reacted to the fight, whether through a series of tweets or broadcasting the fight audio on their stream. streamer Clampzz chose the latter, taking to Twitter to call out the platform after receiving a DMCA and one-day ban.

Trainwreck calls out banned Kick streamer

In Clampzz’s tweet, he mocks the platform’s alleged “no TOS” rules, explaining that he didn’t show the fight on the screen — only the audio.

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Accompanying the tweet is a picture of his ban email, explaining that the streamer was suspended for “streaming copywritten content.”

Trainwreck, one of the co-owners of Kick, replied to Clampzz and called him out on his complaint.

“I’ve stated many times that there is a TOS and that you can’t watch whatever you want, that’s just common sense regardless, there are special circumstances where some creators who have permission from the networks directly can, but those are rare instances,” he said.

Kick’s Terms of Service explicitly state that streamers must have written consent from each and every identifiable person in the content.

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This isn’t the first time someone on the platform has gotten banned. Earlier in February, Twitch star Heelmike received a ban after having sexual acts performed on him during his broadcast.