Tommy Fury hits back at claims he’ll miss Jake Paul fight again

Tommy Fury has finally addressed concerns that he won’t show up for his long-awaited fight against Jake Paul on February 26, promising he’ll be in Saudi Arabia.

The rivalry between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury can be traced back a few years, as the two influencers have gone back and forth with each other online for a while. 

They’ve been scheduled to fight twice, once in 2021 and again in 2022, but neither of those happened due to issues on Tommy’s side. They are, once again, signed to fight on February 26, but there have been some concerns that it won’t go ahead. Jake himself said he even “doubts” that his rival makes it to Saudi Arabia. 

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So much so, that Jake has even named former UFC star ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry as the backup fighter if Tommy dips out at the last minute. Though, the pro boxer claims that won’t be happening. 

Tommy Fury promises to show up for Jake Paul fight this time

Jake, as well as a few of his fans, have suggested that Tommy might not show given the fact he and his partner Molly-Mae have just had their first child.

However, speaking to TMZ Sports, Tommy downplayed any concerns about him not showing up. “I say to those sorts of people that they need to wake up. Don’t worry, I’ll be in Saudi Arabia ready for the 26th,” he said, adding that he “can’t wait” to get over there.

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“I’m gonna hurt this man seriously come February 26th and if he banking on me for not showing, well, if that’s where he getting his confidence from, then he needs to think again because I’ll be there and I’ll be right in his face come fight night.”

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While Tommy is promising he’ll show up, there is still a fair way to go before fight night comes around.

Fans, and Jake, will be desperate to see him on the other side of the ring from the YouTuber-turned-boxer, but it remains to be seen if it actually happens this time.

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