Tommy Fury challenges Jake Paul to boxing fight after trash talk to Tyson Fury

Virginia Glaze
Tommy Fury calls out Jake Paul boxing match
YouTube: Jake Paul / Instagram: @tommytntfury

YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul is calling out his fellow fighters left and right — and he may have already gotten a bite, thanks to a timely response from up-and-coming boxer Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul is certainly on a tear in the world of combat sports: After kicking off his boxing career on the undercard of the Logan Paul vs KSI fight in 2018, Jake has scored two victories since going pro, finishing off NBA star Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib with clean victories.

Now, he’s gearing up for his first bout with a “true” fighter, and is set to throw down with former UFC pro Ben Askren on April 17 — but he may already have his next fight lined up, if his latest interaction with Tommy Fury is anything to go by.

On March 2, Paul called out a slew of high-profile fighters in a heated Instagram stories video, one of whom was two-time heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury. Tyson had actually challenged Paul to take on his younger brother, Tommy Fury, a professional British boxer and reality TV star.

Unfortunately, Paul didn’t have many kind words for this possibility, and urged Tommy to call him out himself.

“I like Tyson Fury, but damn, if Tyson Fury took a sh**, it would be this little brother, literally just like this little kid,” the YouTuber joked. “My point is here, if you’re Tyson Fury’s little brother, if you wanna fight me, don’t let your big bro do sh** for you, log on to Instagram, Twitter, and call me out for your f***ing self bro.”

Tommy has seemingly risen up to the challenge, as evidenced by a response video he tweeted out just a couple hours later.

“So, I see somebody’s having a little bit of something to say,” Fury began. “Mr. Jake Paul — I don’t need anybody to do my dirty work. I’m calling you out myself, right now. You can fight me anytime, anyplace, anywhere. All you’ve got to do is get in touch.”

Jake Paul has since responded to Tommy’s callout video with another video of his own. While he gave no official declaration of war, the YouTuber made sure to make fun of the British boxer, mocking his accent in a rendition of Tommy’s purported conversation with his older brother before going into a tirade about his opponent’s “action figure” esque appearance.

There’s no word on whether or not these two will actually throw down, but this would certainly be an interesting matchup for fans and critics, alike — especially considering how Paul’s upcoming fight with Askren goes.