Starbucks Summer Menu 2024: Everything you need to know

Maddy Kinkead
starbucks new summer menu

With Summer just around the corner, Starbucks have just added a range of drinks and treats to its menu. Here are the items that will be rolling out in stores near you.

Starbucks previously announced their new spicy Refreshers for the beginning of Summer, but they released a whole new range of boba-type drinks on May 7. The signature green straw has even been altered to allow for this exciting new menu addition.

Starbucks have unveiled three new drinks. Prices may vary based on region, but a grande size of the new drinks will cost around $7 for a grande size.

They have also brought back an iced coffee that is a returning favorite and costs around $5 for a grande size.

Starbucks new summer drinks
Starbucks have introduced popping boba to their menu.
  • Summer Berry Starbucks Refresher – The Summer Berry Refresher at its standard is a blue mix of raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry flavors. This version is mixed with water and poured over all new ‘raspberry flavored pearls’ which are very similar to popping boba.
  • Summer Berry Lemonade Refresher – This drink is the same as the standard Refresher, except it is mixed with lemonade instead of water.
  • Summer Skies Refresher – This is like a new take on the Pink Drink. It takes the Summer Berry concentrate and mixes it up with coconut milk to create a lilac drink that is poured over those raspberry-flavored pearls.
  • White Chocolate Macademia Cream Cold Brew – A returning favorite for the Summer. This is a cold brew mixed with macadamia syrup and topped with a white chocolate cold foam and cookie crumble pieces.

Boba tea has been a really popular drinks craze for the past couple of years, so it only seems right that Starbucks tries its hand at the popping boba trend. Although these drinks don’t contain the traditionally more chewy tapioca pearls, these new raspberry-popping boba balls will add a fresh burst to your Summer.

Starbucks have released all-new food and coffee blends for Summer

Starbucks new Summer food items
Starbucks new treats add a burst of fruit to their menu.

On top of the new drinks, fans will be able to enjoy an Orange Cream Cake Pop (which tastes like an orange creamsicle) and a Pineapple Cloud cake to make things a little more tropical.

And to finish it all off, Starbucks have launched two new coffee blends that are intended for iced coffees. With one being made from Colombian beans, and the other with beans from Bali, these blends have notes of malt milk chocolate and brown sugary sweetness.

Summer merchandise unveiled with new Stanley cup

Starbucks have released a range of merchandise including cups for hot and iced coffee, as well as the highly-anticipated Starbucks x Stanley Quencher cup that has fans torn over its design. This new cup dropped with the rest of the Summer line on May 7 and costs $59.99.

Want to try the new Summer drinks for free?

Starbucks app
Customers who sign up to the Starbucks app in May get extra benefits.

According to Starbucks website, app users will be getting exclusive deals all throughout May to celebrate the launch of their new menu.

This promo dubbed ‘App-y Days’ will see app customers get 50% off any handcrafted beverage every Friday in May and a personalized offer delivered every Monday in May, starting May 13.   

To be eligible for this promo, just download the app and sign up to be a Starbucks Rewards member. Joining is free, plus new customers will get 50% off any handcrafted drink during the month of May by signing up through the ‘New Members Get 50% Off’ link in the app.