Logan Paul explains why he hasn’t been on Joe Rogan’s podcast yet

Logan Paul and Joe Rogan side-by-side talking into microphonesYouTube: Flagrant/Joe Rogan Experience

Logan Paul has already started planning an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, but he’s not in any rush to get an invite on to an episode of the JRE. 

Joe Rogan’s podcast has grown to be the biggest in the world at this point, with guests from all walks of life – both big and small – getting the chance to appear on the JRE.

It’s a pretty big honor to get invited to appear on the show, and while he’s got a good rapport with the UFC commentator, it’s one thing that Logan Paul has yet to tick off his list of massive internet things to do.

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Rogan has never been afraid of shouting out Logan, or his brother Jake, for their boxing endeavors and it is somewhat surprising that they haven’t linked up for a conversation yet. Though, the imPaulsive host isn’t in any rush.

Spotify/Joe Rogan
Rogan’s podcast regularly cover a wide-range of topics, including fighting.

During his appearance on Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast, where he took aim at Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather for not paying him, Logan revealed that he’s planning on getting on a JRE Podcast episode eventually.

“I have certain things that I’ve never said that I will only say for the first time on Rogan,” he told Schulz, apologizing for holding back some juicy details. The podcast host asked Logan why it hasn’t happened yet, given the pair’s friendly relationship, and Logan claimed it is all a matter of timing.

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“It’s no rush. I’ll give him a f**king good a*s reason to have me on proper one day,” the YouTuber added. “If he doesn’t feel it’s right yet, it’s not. No rush, I’ll be around. I got some big things coming. I need something, I’m lulling right now, I’m stagnant.”

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Logan noted that it could be taking a “big fight” that gets him on the show, but he ultimately needs a big moment to really capitalize and get an invite.

Given Rogan has touched on Logan’s beef with Floyd Mayweather a few times, if the pair eventually square off in a rematch, that could be something. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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