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TimTheTatMan to 100 Thieves? Rumors fly after vacation with Nadeshot & CouRage

Published: 6/Jun/2021 22:51 Updated: 6/Jun/2021 23:29

by Bill Cooney


After TimTheTatMan took a little vacation to visit his buddies Nadeshot and CouRage in sunny Southern California, speculation that he’ll soon be joining the 100 Thieves has reached a whole new level of intensity.

TimTheTatman, Nadeshot, and CouRage have been posting all weekend about their adventures in Los Angeles, and besides providing a ton of content on its own, the trip could also be hint at something much bigger.

In recent months, everyone, from 100T co-owner CouRage and even Tim himself, has entertained the possibility of him joining a top-tier org.

Even though multiple esports organizations have been linked to Tim, his community has been buzzing ever since the streamer revealed exactly where he would be staying during his trip to Los Angeles, and it seems like some clues might be sitting right in the open, like the 100 Thieves tag on the streamer in CouRage’s post below.


100 Thieves tagged right on top of Tim in CouRage’s “family pic” from the weekend… coincidence?

“I have business in LA, alright?” Tim said on stream before leaving. “I can’t confirm or deny what it is. I have business in LA. I’m gonna be staying at the 100 Thieves house with the boys.”

Sure enough, Tim was posting all kinds of pics and video to social media showing his adventures in sunny Southern California with Nade and CouRage over the weekend. The trio seemed so at ease, it was like Timmy was part of 100T already.

Despite having three of the biggest content creators together, according to CouRage, they didn’t film a video together the whole time Tim was there. Whether that’s actually true or a smokescreen for the camera remains to be seen, but they did seem to have a great time, and plenty of drinks.


Just a simple search on Twitter for “TimTheTatMan 100 Thieves” yields thousands of results from fans who would love to see Tim join 100T, or are convinced the streamer is already signed to the org, or will be very soon.

Based on what Tim said in the past about heading to LA for “business” and who he stayed/hung out with while there, seeing an announcement that 100 Thieves are signing him to their ever-expanding roster of content creators wouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Still, at the time of writing we don’t have an answer if the TatMan will be joining his friends CouRage and Nade, but based on what came out of a simple weekend trip, it could end up being a content goldmine.